“She told me that in a previous past life, that I was a man held prisoner on a ship near Australia. I was chained on the bottom level of a boat and bitten by rats. I caught scurvy and died. I am terrified of rats in this lifetime and of anything puncturing my skin, for example, I have a horrible needle phobia.”


I had the privilege of having another session with Carla today. Talking to Carla is like talking to a lifelong best friend. However, Carla knew details that not even my best friend would know.

In my last session with Carla, we discussed my abnormal pap results with mild dysplasia. At the time, she said that I would be going to a physician and that “she” would take care of it. The doctor I had scheduled an appointment with was a man. However, it turned out that I was dissatisfied with the way he treated me, and ended up going to a female physician that I am very pleased with. Carla knew all along that I was going to a female physician! Amazing!

Another amazing fact was that when I was leaving the office of the male doctor that I had originally went to, the receptionist wrote my name down as the name that I had picked out for my unborn daughter that I lost several years ago. Nobody knew about my unborn daughter as I never mention her at doctor’s appointments. I took that as I sign that I my daughter was watching over me in heaven and that I was making the right decision.

I had testing done, and the results came back that the mild dysplasia was caused by a low-risk strain of the HPV virus that doesn’t cause any real harm and can be easily fought off by the immune system. However, Carla picked up on the fact that my immune system took longer to fight off infections and that I should have any abnormal cells removed from my cervix just to be safe. She was right! I have autoimmune skin conditions.

Carla also told me that my fiancé wants to marry me but at the same time wants to get his career situation settled first. He told me those exact words! How could Carla have ever known that? Also, I forgot to tell Carla that I was even engaged in the first place. She also told me that sometimes he just feels like dropping everything in his life and moving with me to another location. He has also told me almost those exact words.

Carla and I also talked about my past lives. I was a man in many of my past lives. Ironically, people tell me in this life that I have a guy’s personality. She told me that in a past life, I was a gay man and the son of a wealthy man of the law. My father couldn’t accept the fact that I was gay and made his slaves beat me. The slaves didn’t want to beat me as they liked me as a person, but were forced to do so.

That is ironic, because in this lifetime, I absolutely cannot stand to watch any movie or see any sign of abuse without crying like there’s no tomorrow. I also have many gay friends and have always felt badly for those people that are not accepted for who they are. She told me that in a previous past life, that I was a man held prisoner on a ship near Australia. I was chained on the bottom level of a boat and bitten by rats. I caught scurvy and died. I am terrified of rats in this lifetime and of anything puncturing my skin, for example, I have a horrible needle phobia.

Carla said that after those horrific lives as a man, I decided to be a woman in all of the rest of my lives. In a previous past life, I was a wealthy woman in South Carolina and wore a hoop skirt. I did some research and found that the first hoop skirt was patented in 1846 but had lost its popularity by 1860. That was the lifetime where I found my passion for education. I became a teacher in that lifetime, and enjoyed introducing the less privileged to literature.

In my next life as a woman, I was stillborn about 10 years before I was born into this lifetime. In this lifetime, I’m a Medical Laboratory Scientist. I care for people in the hospital from drawing their blood to testing it and am happy to see each person’s recovery day by day until they get to return home! I am truly blessed and even more blessed since Carla has shared this amazing information with me!! Thank you, Carla!!

Morgantown, WV


More insight:

Carla went in ‘psychically’ for a couple minutes just after she received my testimonial to obtain more clarification on a few details that were ‘bugging her’ after our session on the past lives she had picked up for me. (She indicated that she doesn’t do this often, but when she feels compelled to dig deeper on a peering.)

Here’s what Carla wrote back – –


“I wanted to see why I saw 1200’s, Middle Ages, for you as a virtual prisoner on a ship below decks.

I think you lived BOTH of these lives – one as a captured slave during the Middle Ages on a ship for slaves.. and the other* going to Australia in the early shipments of prisoners to the island. You died before you got there to Australia.

The lifetime immediately after was that of the teacher with the hoop skirt where you never wished to be born a man again. That would still fit the timeline if you died as I had seen on that ship circa late 1700’s – you having reincarnated as a woman shortly after that death.”

Convict ships generally engaged in carrying convicts from Great Britain to the Australian Colonies. The First Fleet saw the first convict ships arrive in Australia in January 1788, and the last convict ship, Hougoumont, arrived in Western Australia in 1868. Over the 80 years of transportation, between 1788 and 1868, 608 convict ships transported more than 162,000 convicts to Australia.


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