Work-related issues, karmic love ties … Carla Baron sees all of it in her psychic sessions!



Thank you for keeping me calm and somewhat curing my anxiety today.

I have been dealing with a lot of issues since we had last spoken and I knew I had to talk to you first before making any decisions that could possibly be wrong.

You confirmed and clarified that the guy was still scared, worried – that he wouldn’t have enough money to provide for me. He does love me… “true love” is what you saw and been seeing since Aug 2013. You felt he had to pretty much get his priorities in order and had put “us” in a rear view mirror so-to-speak.

You did state he doesn’t like the separation, but he is trying to stick to his guns- that he is sad as well… which made my heart smile, because I felt like the only one hurting. You said he will come back around during Virgo time…on his own. You said to take care of yourself and keep doing “you” – that I will only delay the process if I inquire with his friends. He knows you will be there when he comes back. You still saw “marriage.”

Then we talked about work. Wow – you knew exactly who it was that I felt was doing whatever she could do to get me fired. Carla, you described her to a ‘T’ !!!

You went into great detail and you were right. You said “she will be the one fired, not you…they like you!” “Because I was committed and dedicated to my job…working long hours and completing my work each day.” You said “..When you go back to work, smile at her, because you know she will be leaving soon.”

With all this being said, I am excited about going back to work knowing that girl will be the one leaving.

I will keep you posted!


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