Welcome 2015 with Open Arms, Abandon, & Crystal Clear Intent!

Happy New Year 2015!
Happy New Year 2015!

Well, we made it out of the restrictive shacklings of 2014 through the expansive gates of 2015!  Ahhh, now take a deep, purifying breath … you’ve earned it. Every single one of you.

My sense is 2015 will free each of us to allow a clearer perspective, leading the way with a fresh “mission statement” – a spiritual compilation of what is truly necessary to bring along in your “carry-on” arsenal, while leaving the remainder of no-longer-relevant articles behind in 2014 (where they belong.)

Paranormal reality tv has taken us on quite a journey over the years since its genesis, hasn’t it?  We’ve been tossed about the Other Side and back, sometimes gaining incredible personal insight into the Unknown, and other times questioning the very validity of it all – some television programming would have you blindly accept all content within as fact.  (Yes, there is somewhat of an unspoken “creative license” to any material presented in paranormal reality tv, but this should be used sparingly. Audiences are much more educated in our ways than networks would like to admit.)

cemetery_spiritsI believe that each soul must make their own decisions, manifest their own beliefs, within this realm. There is something there for everyone. (Really, there is.)  There exists this over-saturated, relentless parade of trite ghost hunting “lockdowns,” psychic crime scene walkthroughs, UFO quests (Are we alone out here?), Bigfoot sightings, flashlight rituals at “Dead Time” to induce the haunted spirit dwellers into somehow emerging with a vengeance…

Ok, we’ve done those. We’ve learned things, made a few mistakes, dusted ourselves off to get out there and try again to do better, to challenge ourselves even further, to build an evolving standard we can live by. Some of you have been inspired to research these findings – taking it all to greater depths of understanding, uncovering what we have forgotten long ago in distant life cycles.

I have been fortunate to encounter a great number of you who have taken the more difficult, enlightened path to a human “interface” with the Unknown. I am so proud of all your efforts, drive, & discoveries. I am honored by your never-ending need to know.

I will do my best to deliver authenticity in reference to the essence of all things psychic, paranormal, spiritual, future … whether it be on your television, other technological viewing devices, or just us having a psychic reading one-on-one.

Happy New Year 2015!

I can’t wait to see where what we’ve started takes us…

.  °☆  . ● ¸ .   ★ °

~  Psychic Medium Carla Baron


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