I had my first reading with Carla yesterday. My mind was blown away – Carla got everything down to a “T” !!!

I had my first reading with Carla yesterday. My mind was blown away – Carla got everything down to a “T” !!!

Carla started telling me about a past relationship I had. She told me he was not a nice person and he had wanted revenge, but he was not dangerous. I was quite surprised how detailed Carla was with the way she had described my relationship with my ex partner and how he had been.

Carla then asked me what I wanted to know. I replied that I would like to know about my mental health, and if it would get any better. Carla then asked me why I was so worried about money, but she assured me I would be fine. (Carla was right about this as I had been worried about money for quite some time.) Carla also told me I was a Virgo, and that Virgos are prone to “skin conditions.” I then told her I had eczema due to stress. (How did she know?!)

Carla also told me that I’m due to move near the end of April. She also said that I haven’t felt safe in my home for a while and that things had been holding me back from moving. Carla had got this spot on as I have had problems with my neighbors. She had also said I must not let my step dad or dad distract me from the move. I then asked Carla if my cats would come with me as I was worried that they wouldn’t, but they are to come with me! I also asked if I was going to move in with my friend – Carla said “No” as it would “ruin our friendship.”

After the reading, she asked me if I felt better as I was quite anxious about the reading. I really did feel better. Before Carla read me, I felt things were getting worse, but Carla has given me hope and a look into the future. This has made my day!

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
United Kingdom

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