Carla depicts eerie connection with his past life as a fighter pilot, details of a new job, and relocating. The precise timing of these events has already started to unfold!


Over the last two and a half years, I have had a total of three readings with Carla. Each time I spoke with Carla it seemed like she knew me better than I knew myself. In my first reading my biggest concern was about my current and future employment. She knew right away that I didn’t feel appreciated at my current job and that it wasn’t going to be permanent and that put me at ease. She stated that I would meet someone at the end of 2015 or beginning of 2016 that would offer me a new job and to not worry about the pay because I would move into management right away. Well, I met my new boss at the end of 2015 when he came in to my former job. By the beginning of 2016 he offered to hire me full-time with his company, just as Carla predicted. He has also informed me that he wants to move me into management right away!

The purpose of my second reading was because I had gotten a serious speeding ticket and was worried about the outcome and I also wanted to know why I continually get speeding tickets. After she told me everything was going to turn out fine, she went on to tell me about my most recent past life to help me understand why I get speeding tickets. Carla told me in my past life that I was a fighter pilot. Not just any fighter pilot, but an Ace. She stated I that I liked making it known that I was the best at what I did, which is funny because I’m told that’s how I am today. She also hit the nail on the head with my rush for adrenaline and “need for speed.” She said that I have always had an infatuation with anything mechanical and aviation related. I do remember when I was a kid that I always loved playing with toy planes and cars. As an adult I have owned a couple of Mustangs which are based off the WWII Mustang Fighter Plane and I love how they make me feel like I am in a fighter jet. I didn’t tell her about my childhood infatuation with planes or my love of Mustangs until after she told me of my past life. She said that I was shot down while over the Indian Ocean in 1979-1980 while on a secret mission and all I would have seen was a bright flash and a loud bang. Which totally explains why I startle easily and hate loud noises to this day! She picked up on that fact that my coworkers love to startle me because it was so easy. She was shocked that I was reincarnated so soon (within 10 years) because she feels that I had unfinished business to take care of.

In my third and most recent reading I asked her about my living situation and when I would be moving to a new location. Carla told me to continue to keep building my credit because she sees me owning my own home in 2020. But before then, she sees me renting a home this December in an area that is surrounded by woods. She said more than once how beautiful it’s going to be and that I’ll love it there. I am excited to see her predictions come true again!!


Stafford, Virginia

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