Carla outlines eerie same details on a new job prediction as another reading he had almost 2 years ago! (Spooky.)


This is my first reading with Carla and I stumbled upon her by what seems like fate. I was reading her comments on a viral story about a photo of a victim’s spirit from a fatal motorcycle accident in Kentucky, and just felt as if I had to contact her even before reading her testimonials.

I have only had one reading before with another psychic, but the majority of that session was on another topic – I did spend a few minutes on my current work situation then which was my main focus for contacting Carla. The previous psychic said that I would only be where I am for no more than two years in my current job, and she rambled off some words that seemed to come from left field and had nothing to do with my twenty-year engineering career. I have been feeling as if it is time for a change for some time but have been hesitant to look elsewhere as it is a good and secure job, but I dread going to it as most do. So I set up a half hour with Carla.

We started right out with my first question of what Carla saw for my current work situation, and where she saw me going if anywhere. She asked my wife’s first name and immediately came back with, “Your wife doesn’t know why you stay there and why you put up with their crap!” It really took me back as that is word for word what my wife has been saying for quite some time. Furthermore she said that people there are hidden enemies who pretend to be my friends, but are really out to get me – that they are the reason that I leave and that this will come in the next month. She said that I have overstayed my welcome and that I should have started looking for this new job nine months ago.

Then came the words related to my next job and totally threw me for a loop! Carla then said, “…outdoors, grounds keeping, landscaping, and new commercial development.” They were the exact same words as my previous reading again! She also stated that she saw this change coming very quickly and finding this new job in September (which oddly enough is twenty three months from my last reading that said no more than two years.) She said that I will feel very comfortable with the dark-haired man that I am supposed to find for the new job, and that he was a brother in a previous life. He is planning on opening another location southeast and that she saw us moving in nine months to follow that opportunity. Also that he will want me to run this location and that I will make a lot more money there. Carla kept seeing the word “Ash” come up with the name of the location and Greensboro. Instantly I thought of Asheboro, NC where my wife has family and is fairly close to Greensboro. (Carla was not told any of this prior to her prediction.)She said that there is a word that they (Spirit Guides) will not give her because it will make it too easy, and that if it is revealed to me, I will not be as driven to follow this path and find it.

We had a few minutes remaining and I said that my wife and I struggle with the decision of whom to leave our young children with in case something were to happen to us. Luckily, she said that we really had nothing to worry about unless we were to pass unexpectedly as that is left hidden so we don’t live in fear of that coming to fruition. She said that no matter who we picked, our families would not be happy as they are very jealous and after moving, it will be obvious who we are supposed to pick and that our children would have many better opportunities after the move.

Alas, our time was up and I certainly wish I had allotted for more time as I was not able to get to other questions. But I guess those can wait for the follow-up.

Lancaster, OH

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