Carla was spot on about every detail!


Carla has once again, helped me immeasurably. Her talent has the ability to heal and calm the worst fears and emotions. I need to say that I haven’t talked with her in a year, but add that she was correct in predicting my Aunt’s death related to smoking as well as an auspicious meeting with a man in the very month she said.

She also predicted I would be hosting some kind of staging type events and at the time I thought I was related to my interior design business because I have staged many homes for architecture tours. However, out of the blue (or not – as Carla can see these things), I began hosting house concerts and use my back deck for a stage.

On this night she nearly saved my life. I was in shambles and when she called I was bawling about an accident that had happened at my house as well as the meeting of the man mentioned above. I was sure that I had ruined everything. She gave me excellent insight and advice about a pending lawsuit related to the accident and was spot on about every detail. She also told me about a previous relationship and absolutely nailed the very specific issues including why we never meshed and what the problem regarding his mother was causing him. This was incredibly accurate knowing only his name and his birth date. Carla, gave me very specific advice about how to get on track and what to look for in the future. I was a different person by the end of the call.

I cannot recommend her services highly enough.

Thank you, Carla, not just for the reading but for the kindness and the support.


Austin, TX

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