More on my personal experience with the Natalee Holloway investigation

When we were in Aruba filming for Haunting Evidence (Court TV)… there is SO MUCH that was left out of that episode on my part of the process.

I had always maintained thru my psychic read on this case that Natalee’s body was cremated (burned at a very high heat… such as that of a “crematorium”) and stated as much while filming that episode. I also saw that Joran’s father, Paulus, had a hand in assisting to dispose of her body so as to protect his son in any way that he could.

The associate producer (Andrew, who also was my shooter/cameraman on this episode) secured a local woman to guide us to a location that would match what I had seen in my psychic vision on where they took Natalee’s body to “cremate” her.

We drove around the island to an area that we were told by the local guide was “restricted,” so we had to be careful – going “stealth” mode.

I described a place where they might have a very hot oven (like a crematorium) or a glass factory, etc., where they could take her body to burn it.

She drove us to a glass factory there, but I wasn’t sure that was the place. All I knew was Natalee’s body was burned as a very high heat to cover this murder up.

We also stopped at a landfill where there were at least 30 German Shepherd-type dogs all dead laying crisscrossed in this deep landfill. Vultures were circling overhead, and doggie “paws” were strewn haphazard everywhere. It took our breath away. Andrew got sick to his stomach and wasn’t sure if he could get some footage of this, so I offered to do it myself to document the horrors we had seen on this island. He pulled himself together and we shot all around this area.

You must understand – we had to drive with the camera HIDDEN underneath the seat in case we got searched. 2 crew members were already sitting in their local jail for shooting B-roll the night before. We were on edge, to say the least.

That portion with my version of what happened to Natalee’s body was edited out of the episode for time constraints. Much of what I had said was cut due to the graphic nature of what I was seeing – producer said that Beth Holloway would not be happy with that side of the story. [Truth]

I hope this helps clarify some of my psychic work on this senseless murder.

(I will expound more on my details in Aruba with the Natalee Holloway case as it becomes necessary.)

– Psychic Profiler, Carla Baron

“Haunting Evidence” S2
(Court TV/ truTV)

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