This occurred 4 days ago – so EXACTLY what you said regarding timing… ‘before end of July.’


Hi Carla,

Hope you are well and having a nice weekend.

Just thought I’d tell you that your first prediction from my reading two weeks ago has come true already!

You had said that there was treachery going on behind my back in my place of work, really juvenile stuff, from people that are junior to me and very competitive, who were being sly about me behind my back and that I would be enlightened about it before July is out.

WELL it has turned out that this girl who is in my team and is junior to me (and who I have always been mistrustful of) has been going to our MD and complaining about me. Basically I had to pull her up on something a month ago, I thought it was no big deal, but it turns out it has festered with her and she has been trying to convince my manager and MD to discipline me over it, they have basically told her to get lost and have told me it is a total non-issue. Hopefully they are not lying to me as I don’t really trust them either. But the whole thing has been totally unpleasant and I feel totally undermined by it.. erghh.

This occurred 4 days ago – so EXACTLY what you said regarding timing… ‘before end of July.’

Hope your next prediction about a new job manifesting in Sept comes true. I’ve already started to think how I can try to find this job. This stuff has been a bit of an eye-opener in terms of people that I work with! But you were totally right!
Many thanks!

Kent, UK

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