Carla said that he would be coming back to FL around the September time frame (this is within the 2-4 months she had predicted in the second reading!)

I have had three readings with Carla over the past month and she simply amazes me each time. She is such a pleasure to talk to and the scheduling process couldn’t be easier or quicker.

The focus of my readings was a relationship that officially fell apart in April. I tried to move on but things just weren’t sitting right with me about it all. That’s when I reached out to Carla for some clarity on the situation. I really just wanted to know whether to move on or keep holding out hope. In the back of my mind, I honestly was expecting her to say that it’s over and time to move on, but to my surprise that wasn’t the case.

She nailed his personality and recent attitude towards me right on the head, and all I provided was his first name and date of birth. She picked up on similar themes in all three readings. Carla mentioned that there was ‘true love’ between us but that he was holding the power in the situation and pulling a power trip by not reaching out to me. She went on to say that he felt that he wasn’t good enough for me but that this was something that he had to overcome personally and not something I could do anything about.

She said that there is a ‘marriage agreement’ with him but that things needed to play out before that could come to fruition. There is always free will and just because there is a contract doesn’t mean that I can’t decide to go a different route via ‘free will’ this lifetime. I could see myself marrying him, but given his lack of interest towards me right now, it’s hard to believe that marriage could be in our future. I’m certainly excited to see what happens with this as Carla predicted! She mentioned that he would have a change in career and provided details on what field it might relate to. Lastly, she said that he would be coming back to FL around the September time frame (this is within the 2-4 months she had predicted in the second reading!) and that a friend of his would eventually make him come to his senses and reach out to me.

These readings with Carla have given me hope that things might not be over between us. Her insight into this difficult situation has been so helpful, and I’m so thankful that she takes time to share her amazing gift with others. I’m excited to see what happens and will provide an update as things occur.

Tampa, FL

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