Carla was amazingly insightful during my reading today. I was shown which ‘door to walk through’ and now everything is crystal clear!


I had my second reading today with Carla for one hour. I am absolutely amazed by her insight into what is going on in my life.

Her psychic ability astounds me each time I have a reading from her. The first time was in August of this year. I was so thrilled with her accuracy that I even gave my brother a birthday gift of a one-hour reading by Carla.

Today’s reading was a very crucial one for me. The answers I was looking for I could not find on my own. I truly felt the only way I would know them was if I went into the future to see how to handle my situations, and then came back with the answer. Since, of course, that is impossible – I was still stuck without the answers that would mold my ultimate success.

I’ll start by saying when I first got on the phone today the first thing Carla said to me was that I had to release my guilt. I had not even asked a question yet, but the statement she said rang true with the questions that I would be asking and ultimately change the course that I was going to be taking. My decision before talking to Carla was that I would move back into my deceased parent’s home, and spend the next year doing construction, plumbing, and other major changes to their home all while working full-time. This would leave me with no time to start living my life again after having been my mother’s caregiver for eleven and a half years. This type of sacrifice would have crippled me emotionally and destroyed me physically.

When I asked the question to Carla as to what should I do, her answers were amazingly insightful. She began telling me that I will be moving thirty to thirty-five minutes away renting in a type of split-level duplex, and that my neighbor would be an elderly female. Carla also described a man who I would be working with who would be doing the changes in my parent’s home which would release me from doing all of the physical work. Carla continued to give me insight into different situations that would arise during this time.

I was very concerned about a particular personal issue that would arise. Carla was able to psychically look at the whole issue in depth and was able to tell me reasons why the issue came about in the first place. The peace that she gave me by giving me an answer to a question that had always bothered me that I could not figure out how to get past was absolutely wonderful. Not only did she give me the answer, but Carla took it beyond that and explained with her ability how to resolve it.

To truly understand the impact Carla with her psychic ability has had on my future with today’s reading is nothing short of a miracle. Not only will I have free time to rediscover my life journey, but the financial gain that I will achieve will be tremendous.

I would urge anyone out there to take time for yourself and have a well-deserved reading by Carla. She is very easy to talk to, and by the time you hang up the phone – you feel like you just made a new best friend.


New Windsor, NY

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