And as always – Carla’s readings are SO accurate. I asked her about 2 new men in my life.

I was recently reconnected with Carla after about a decade. I have moved, divorced and changed careers, started a new business and started dating. Carla is always amazing to work with… has a strong work ethic, is very trustworthy and kind. Also has a great sense of humor. I needed help right away with dating… not something I’ve done for over 25 years. It’s a scary feeling.

And as always – her readings are SO accurate. I asked her about 2 new men in my life. She mentioned the name “Tom Cruise” which is the name I told one man that he looked like as an 18-year old. That was from a text conversation between only him and me. Carla also very accurately described how he is “…going Mach 2 with his hair on fire!” That exactly describes him to a tee. Then she mentioned that he will be “opening me up” and he said those EXACT words to me as something that he was going to do (which I loved!) Another part of that reading was when she said that “he does not understand women.” He told me in the car one night after that, that he went to the library and took out a 7000-page book “How to Understand Women, Vol 1” (obviously a joke but I freaked out inside!) Carla had JUST said that he doesn’t understand women.

Then for the second man – she mentioned he was angry at himself over something that happened in his life, and the next night he said those EXACT words on our date! I realized that this second guy wasn’t for me. I texted him and said, “Let’s be just friends.” And that is EXACTLY what Carla said would happen! So in the end, Carla gave me great encouragement and a path to stay on with the first guy – how to stay cool, and it will work out.

I am so happy to be reconnected with Carla and will continue to use her again and again as I navigate this dating world as she is dead-on accurate!

Lisi Crane
“Let Lisi Cook”
Sarasota, Florida

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