Everything Carla predicted for my job came true at the exact time frame that we discussed!


I have known Carla for about 8 years, and have had many readings with her.
Anytime I have a major life change, I reach out to her for advice and she has been right on the money every time!

In January of 2017, she told me I would be hired with a company out of state, specifically in North Carolina, working in the construction field. Also, that I would up in the ranks very quickly within the company. EVERYTHING she predicted came true at the exact time frame that we discussed. Since working with the company that she predicted, I have had three promotions from Feb 2017 until now.

Recently the company has been making some unsettling changes which has left me with some questions, so I reached out to her again today. I was thinking of leaving the company because they were discussing layoffs and my name came up. Carla told me to stay and take the lower position they were offering me (which I never told her about), and they would reward me later around October time frame for my loyalty. I took her advice and accepted the lower position to prove my loyalty. I feel better knowing that Carla’s advice will come true like it has in the past. I will follow up with an update on this situation with her this Fall.

Chad B.
Stafford, Virginia

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