Predictions and timing hold true!

Hi Carla,

Wanted to update you on our reading we had back in November 2019..

1. You said I was holding myself back in my career path… I quit my job and now with a new company still doing what I love just with better pay, better hours, more responsibility and with a Doctor that started this entire journey. He personally requested to take my company along me to his new practice . They said no so he went to another company told them what he wanted and who he wanted and he wouldn’t except anyone but ME. So they made it happen and stole me away.

2. You said in March my nephew would be BUSTING out of Prison and a woman would be helping him. Well it’s now March and he is being released early and my sister is bringing him home. Now we wait to see about the anger you spoke of hopefully that doesn’t present itself.

3. The horrible wreck you kept speaking of didn’t happen, thank goodness!

*(You were watching out right after we had your session.
Yes, thank the Universe we will! – Love, Carla)

Thank you,

Benton City, WA

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