Embarking On A New Journey.. Feeling Victorious!

I recently joined Tinder and I met a very handsome younger Guy on there. The first few days I was on cloud 9 and thought this is the Guy for me! I was so happy!  First off he told me about a tragedy with his Mom and brother’s that died from COVID-19 in China and he only has his Dad left. He moved to Hawaii by himself so he could heal and find love for his broken heart. So, immediately I felt so bad for him and even cried. I had been verified on Tinder, however I didn’t even check to see if he had been verified. I was so swept away by his charming words and his gorgeous looks to be honest. I’m 20 yrs older too and I thought, dang!  I am very lucky!

   His name is Darren C. and he had me hook line and sinker. Darren chose the perfect words and was super romantic. We hit it off so well and I was seriously falling for this Guy. My world seemed so bright and my future was set and I was so excited and so happy!

I excitedly told my Girlfriend about him and she was like well, have you met him and I said he’s traveling and we’re going to meet each other after his business trip. She said be careful, don’t trust him until you actually meet him. I thought she’s probably wrong.

My life seemed perfect however, thing’s we’re moving quite fast with Darren. I thought it was really strange that this Guy had such a strong influence on me and I was so compliant. Darren kept sending me photos and I was freaking melting, he’s very handsome! He asked me almost daily to take photos for him, so I did. He said he was serious about me and he had been searching for me for some time and asked me to delete all my dating apps and profiles and so I did. He convinced me to download WhatsApp and that’s where most of our communication took place. It’s almost like when he asked me to jump, I complied willingly. He kept on asking me to trust him. Darren knew exactly how to use words that took my breath away and made me want him more and more. Everything was happening at a very high pace. He finally gave me his full name and so I checked him out on all of the social media sites he’s using and added him.
Darren would be so sexy and then he started texting ‘dirty’ messages and in the beginning he had me so turned on and I allowed it. Then I thought I was really losing touch with reality. So I told him I’m old-fashioned and not into cybersex, asked him to stop it and be a gentleman. However, he did it 2 more times and finally stopped when I said I absolutely wouldn’t tolerate it! At one point he asked me to go lay on my bed and take my clothes off! I started to and felt uncomfortable and stopped. I told him that all this sexual energy was getting very ‘pent-up’ to the point of frustration with me and I told him I’d rather wait for him than take care of my own needs. Darren convinced me to tell him how I took care of those needs and I told him in freaking detail!

 I noticed right away that he had a similar phrase on his Instagram account, that was also on his Facebook account. I noticed that he had been on Instagram since 2010 and all the other accounts only went back a few months, however he had a lot of followers on Instagram and his Facebook was private.

 I had a terrible nightmare that I was being chased by someone and I was screaming at the top of my lungs, except barely a faint sound could be heard from my voice. I woke up with my heart pounding and I was totally freaked out and my adult Son who lives with me comforted me and helped me to calm down. The next morning I thought about my dream and clearly this was a warning dream, of foreboding danger. I had a feeling something wasn’t right about Darren.

I realized I may have been “catfished” by this guy and started to scour over his Social Media Accounts and researching his name and photo’s. Nothing was coming up, so I scheduled an appointment with Carla Baron, famous Psychic Medium in Los Angeles, California to get help.

 I was at a dead end in my search after the reading, and I didn’t know what to do. So I reached out to Carla again and asked her for additional help – (Which she donated personally for me which is very kind and gracious of her.) She said she needed to “psychically see it.” What she saw was that I needed to check through his Friends/ Associates on Social Media. Carla said, ‘You will find him with what you discover there.” That little piece of information led me to finding the real “Darren C. “
  The reason why I had contacted Carla Baron is because I had previous readings with her last Spring when I was trying to decide whether or not to stay in Hawaii after coming here for my Son’s Wedding and getting stuck because of COVID-19.   She clearly saw a deep connection that I had with my ex-boyfriend that has lasted for lifetimes. She also said that ‘he blames himself for my expensive move here’ and ‘he feels bad because he knows that I still love him.’ She hit it on the nail in this reading. Carla said that everything is karmically complete between us. It’s time to release Clint.

I was so crushed and devastated and cried really hard. I thought “catfishing” only happens to other people. I literally spent days going over everything with a fine-tooth comb. I was totally pissed off and wanted revenge.

  So with the tools that Carla psychically gave me after our reading, it led me straight to him! I had to do the leg work and research – however – without her, I may have never found him. (Truth.)

I not only uncovered the identity of the real guy behind the screen and the identity of the Guy in the photos who is a famous athlete blogger/ digital creator named immense_ray on Instagram and Darren was following him. I found every photo that was sent to me privately on WhatsApp.

   So then I called Darren out on his bullsh*t and he even lied more. He said he had to withhold information about himself because he was looking for true love and that he never lied to me. Then I thought to myself if I believe this guy right now… I’m really losing it. So I played along and told him I trusted him and was sorry for misunderstanding.

I posted my story on all the social media accounts I have with photos and tagged Darren and immense_ray. Then I blocked him! However I forgot Instagram and I received a death threat from Darren in Singapore yesterday. He said, he has my address and l’ll be dead in a matter of time. I was really scared yesterday because I’m not absolutely certain where this guy lives. The background checks I did are tracing his phone to South Carolina. I went to the Police station and explained what happened and was basically given a talk about keeping myself safe from Online Predators and nothing more.

This is what I learned:

To never give out my address to anyone that I haven’t met in person. I know the red flags and what to watch out for so I can be safe from now on.

I’ve notified my neighbors that to keep an eye out for suspicious activity. I have security cameras and have a gate that locks and I’m completely fenced in. I’m smart and sensible and I know without a doubt that I am Protected and Safe. He’s angry and he’s lashing out.
Carla not only helped me expose this person, she donated some of her personal time as well, which I found very gracious. Now, I’m ready to embark on a new journey. Thank you, Carla. 

Carla also saw in our past sessions that there’s an ‘overlay between two men in the next 8-9 months’ from that previous time we read. She sees me in a relationship with this person in February or March 2021.  I’ve dated one man, and so the next one must be the Man that’s right for me.
She also sees me with a ‘Stout Fisherman’ who owns his own business who’s a widow, however she said this will unfold in the next 3 months. Well, I decided to expedite things a little and I’ve been hanging out in the boat harbor! I’ve seen a Man that fits this description and we exchanged big smiles at each other, however I felt too shy and drove away. Going there again today!

Infinite love and gratitude… 

I’m seriously ready now to find true love, and I’ll let you know in my next testimonial. 


Keaau, Hawaii

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