Carla seemed to have a strong sense of my ambivalence toward new romantic relationships, which I validated and explained…

I follow Carla on Twitter and have felt drawn to doing a session with her for months. I have felt very stuck in my romantic life, feeling tethered to a man that I love as family but who I don’t see myself moving forward with to a next step. I have allowed myself to stay in limbo for two years not wanting to make my feelings clear to him for fear of hurting him. My inner compass has been telling me to release him so that we can both move on, but I have felt very sad at the thought of losing him as a friend and/or breaking his heart.

Carla tuned into our dynamics immediately, noting his healing qualities (he is a very kind soul) and also how things got “weird” when we allowed ourselves to experience physical intimacy four years ago when we first met. From Carla’s viewpoint, we never should have allowed things to become physical in this lifetime despite being members of the same soul group. This resonates with me strongly as physical intimacy was not enjoyable and I’ve felt great relief in not having a physical relationship with him for the last two years, though we have nurtured and maintained a strong emotional connection. (We live in different states.) She was able to see that he very much wants to return to physical intimacy and that he defines himself based on his connection with me. This also resonates with me.

Carla seemed to have a strong sense of my ambivalence toward new romantic relationships, which I validated and explained; though I desire to be able to enjoy life with someone, I’m also afraid of repeating a pattern of quickly attracting a soulmate and enmeshing with them in a relationship before fully vetting if they are a good match for me as a romantic/life partner. She identified what she sees as my current desire to be able to see everything about a person in the beginning before deciding to give them a chance and how this is limiting and a form of self-sabotage. She discussed the life lessons that can come from sex and how it is helpful not to assign it more meaning than it is due – it’s just one of the factors that can determine compatibility. She went on to encourage me to release this man so that we may be free to carry out our remaining life agreements, and that I should do this sooner than later. She said there will be sadness but he will be okay. She sees us meeting again in the next lifetime to help heal “the new earth.”

She thinks that I may meet a new man in December who is connected to someone in my circle but who I don’t know now, and that this could be a good connection. She thinks I will feel terrified when faced with the possibility of exploring a relationship with him which also resonates, as I have recently met someone who I think may ask me out and that is exactly how I have felt about it. She encouraged me to allow myself to get to know this new man who I may meet in December and that our relationship could be a path to additional self-growth. 

I am grateful for Carla’s insight and though I am still processing our time together, I am very clear that she keyed in to essential aspects of my current life situation. It brought up a lot of emotion which tells me that we touched on deep and meaningful truths. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from my interaction with her and hope to fully receive the guidance that can help to improve not only my life but the life of my currently “tethered” friend. 

Lake Oswego, OR

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