Carla has predicted and been right about EVERYTHING!

I asked you all to stay tuned!!
Carla, once again, was ON TARGET!

In my first testimonial, I spoke about my relationship and how it had been a very challenging past year. Carla came to me by referral and I began speaking with her about how to handle it and whether or not he was “my path”. 

My first session with Carla (May 4, 2021), my relationship was a complete disaster. You couldn’t even really call it a relationship! In 2 months Carla has guided me on what to do to make it work, make it happen. 

She has predicted and been right about EVERYTHING! One thing I need to drive home is that she is absolutely accurate with timing. In my last session she said I would hear from him by a certain date. I heard from him ON THAT DAY.  I couldn’t believe it! And he did exactly what she said he was going to do. 

So many things Carla has told me to say or do, I did not think would work with this man, but I did exactly what she said. I allowed her to guide me through everything because I had tried everything else! Again, she was right about about everything. She saw where he was in his life, what he needed, what he did not need and what/how he would react to. 

As I stated in the last testimonial ~ we aren’t all the way back together yet, however we are getting there. We are closer to it than we have been in 13 months! 

Cheers to Carla and her amazing gift. I would recommend you book her for anything you may need help with or guidance for. She is truly amazing. 

Studio City, CA

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