Love Lights Still For You

I am extremely thankful and grateful for my session with Psychic Carla Baron. I read about her experiences helping law enforcement finding people, but my friend asked if she could find my lost love of 50 years. I wrote her giving her very little information
except to stress how deeply I loved this man and felt he couldn’t be found.

Her first step was to tell me, yes he was still alive. As she asked for help from her
Spirit Guides, and shared her perspective and information she was picking up, she told me things that had been in dreams I have had. I had not shared anything about my
dreams with her until the end of the reading. She told me he was always ‘writing’
and that much of his writing was about me.

She guided me with the next steps of locating him – even to the extent of dictating the message I was to write to him! She knew he had a ‘pet name’ for me that would help him know that the correspondence I sent was genuine, and would be an effective way for him to contact me. Carla also knew how ultra-secretive and protective he was about his privacy; however, she let me know that she still sees a chance we would find each other again this lifetime.

With all the information I received from Carla, my most important takeaway message was I had hope – that I may truly be with this man in this lifetime – to show him the love he didn’t have from me for the last 50 years. Without Carla’s help I would still be lost, and not able to take the steps I need to finally have my one true love with me.

I would strongly and with confidence recommend Carla’s psychic abilities and insight to
anyone who needs hope finding answers to questions they have for any aspect of their life. I am truly thankful.


Suki Stone
San Diego, CA

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