Most of all, Carla taught me to trust the universe because it will never steer you wrong.

Where do I even begin? I have been reading with Carla for approximately 8 months now. She is truly the best and has a gift like no other. I will never read with anyone else again. 

Carla has the ability to not only see things, but how to guide you through them. 
I began reading with Carla because my personal life was a complete mess. My boyfriend and I were broken up at the time and that was the last thing I wanted. Carla worked with ME, she TRANSFORMED ME and saw why the relationship ended. Everything she said about our breakup was correct. 

I never thought I would get a second chance with him, and she said I would be given this opportunity. She guided me and explained to me what I needed to do to get him/us back. Keep in mind he was already seeing someone else. At first, I battled with her and thought some of the things were absolutely not going to work with this guy. I was wrong! Carla knew exactly what he needed AND she knew exactly what I needed in order for this work and for both of us to be happy,

Along the way she saw the obstacles and the positives. She got me through e3very single one of them. Today I am transformed into this person I never knew I could be. I am confident, not as anxious and most of all, happy. Carla is my spiritual counselor if that makes sense to you. If I hadn’t made the changes Carla said I needed to make – my boyfriend and I would have never gotten back together. 

Things are going great! There are moments when he tells me something or does something and I am in disbelief because Carla saw it and had prepared for the situation.  
As a side note, I wanted to mention a few things that she said that were spot on. I wish I could list them all but then I would be writing a book. 

She said his sister didn’t care much for me (I had no idea and thought she was wrong) – she was right. I found out very recently that she is not a big fan of mine. Carla also said she will eventually be okay with me… (stay tuned!) Carla said we would spend the holidays together. (I never thought this would happen.) We did! She saw his father being ill. (Unfortunately, he is.) Carla told me when he would be back and all the details that came along with it – she prepared me for all of it. 

Lastly, Carla is spot on with timing. Things have happened exactly when she said they would. UNREAL!

Most of all, Carla taught me to trust the universe because it will never steer you wrong. I had to relinquish my control over everything and let things happen as they are meant to happen. 

Studio City, CA

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