Just like Carla said about two weeks ago, my dad did overexert himself because was impatient with the process of his discharge and care.

Hi Carla- 

Here is my testimonial.  Yesterday, my dad snuck out of the rehab center and tried to prove a point. He walked 1.2 miles for someone who had shown he can walk 60-200 feet. He was picked up by the police and is currently in hospital.  We are scrambling to bring him home as fast as we can but there is a hang up with the paperwork like you said.  We shall see what comes of this. Thank you again for your insights!



I had an opportunity to connect with Carla about a decade ago and many things she called out became true. I am at a crossroads in my life where everything from work to my family life was out of balance. 

During the session, Carla gave me peace and comfort dealing with an ailing parent and understanding difficult family relationships.  She was able to answer the questions I had in the back of my mind that held me back from thriving individually. I didn’t even ask the questions, but she knew what I needed to know. 

One thing she had mentioned was a bit of the future for my dad as I was concerned with his well-being. He is currently recovering from a massive stroke and has been in recovery for almost two months now.   Just like she said about two weeks ago, he did overexert himself because was impatient with the process of his discharge and care. Being able to hear and understand that message ahead of time gave me time to prepare mentally.  

Carla also shared a glimpse into my mom’s perspective being that we had a strained relationship. My mom was a victim of trauma like I was. I was able to take that info and improve my relationship with my mom as we understood the root cause of our strained relationship.  

I am so grateful to have been able to understand why things are and what I can do personally.  Thank you, Carla!

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