“The things we bring from our past lives touch our present life.”

I had my Birthday Past Life reading with psychic Carla Baron today. I am totally blown away. The things we bring from our past lives touch our present life.

Carla found a past life where I was mining rare gems and stones. She said I was searching for stones for clients and that perfection was a key to these gems. I explained that I have a collection of rocks and stones in this life and now I know where that came from. 

In the next life, she saw me sitting on grassy hillside wearing a blue dress looking out over water. I had a dog (German Shepherd) sitting with me while I mourned my lost husband. He was a Naval Officer whose ship went down in battle, and he was never found.

Another life Carla saw – I was a young man, a courier for General George Washington. This was an important position as the messages were the ‘make or break’ of the war. 

Then the last past life Carla picked up in the reading was a nurse in battle on the front lines – in France near the English Channel. In all, it explains the strong personality I have and the desire to help and support those in need.

She touched on my sons and daughters, giving me a much better understanding and insight on different things. It was like watching a ‘movie of my life’ with points of interest to explain or clarify.

By the way – Carla had no way of knowing about my interest in stones and gems. She is a true gem and has so much to tell us.  I feel blessed that she came into my life.

Prineville, OR

Published by Psychic Carla Baron

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