She found Carla again after accidentally stumbling upon her new podcast – “The Missing”

Carla is absolutely amazing; I had a reading with her maybe 7 or 8 years ago and she gave me a warning I had specifically asked about – even though I stuck to it and listened to her five years later after her reading – that person came to me and gaslighted me. This person had me thinking that she wanted me to be a part of her family. She was my half-sister.

I would’ve never guessed she was planning a ‘revenge’ that had nothing to do with me. She lied to my father and to me. She said she would never hurt me. 

When he passed – that was the first thing she did! She took me to court to take away the home I had built with my parents over 45 years and all the money he had put away for me and my own money he was saving for me to buy property in the future. She thought it would be something that would bring extra income.  He had made it very clear to her that everything he had belonged to me, as she and my last living brother have homes, expensive cars and money, and have no need of anything from him. 

She swore to him, as well as stabbed him in the back and came after me with full vengeance. 

I have been fighting this for two years now and felt that all my options were gone.

One day I started listening to iTunes again, and I started downloading programs that I thought would be interesting. Little did I know Carla was one of them…

I loved her podcast – “The Missing” – and I had no idea it was her until she had said something that immediately reminded me of my session with her and warning that was absolutely true.  Right when I did not know where to turn is when I made the decision to have another session, and I can say, I feel like I can breathe. 

I know that she would never tell me something I just wanted to hear – but the truth – so many years ago.  I could not be happier with my reading today, and I urge anyone out there if you believe, and you need help, contact Carla, she will not let you down! 

She even touched on the passing of my parents and the feelings around that moment, and they were 100% true.  There is no way she would’ve known that, and even gave me an answer to a burning question I had inside which she answered without even me asking. 

I feel like I have something to fight for.  I will not let this go. I will fight for what is mine -nothing less, nothing more. 

Thank you, Carla, for your beautiful gift and peace of mind you have given me.


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