As far as what Carla picked up with D, everything was dead on. Every single thing.

Tonight, I had my first reading with Carla. I wasn’t sure what I wanted out of the reading, but I just felt I was supposed to do this. We ended up discussing my relationship with my partner who is currently in Hospice care. One of the first things she mentioned was that he wasn’t going without a fight. The words “kicking and screaming” were used and it hit me hard because he has fought this insidious disease with everything he has. She easily picked up his personality and mentioned how much he loved that I listened to his stories. He is a gifted storyteller, and I am always asking for stories of his travels and exploits of his youth. So, this was a direct hit. She picked up on a possible misdiagnosis and I had wondered about that on more than one occasion. If we find out that he was misdiagnosed, I’ll share that down the road. As far as what she picked up with D, everything was dead on. Every single thing. There are a few things she shared that I will keep close to the vest at this time but if they happen, I will share it immediately. 

I was very impressed with Carla’s accuracy and abilities. I had no doubt she knew what she was talking about, and she was able to give me an answer to something that had been eluding me. I can’t wait until my next session as I will definitely be doing more, I’m planning on monthly sessions.


Ionia, MI

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