~ A psychic valentine ~

A Valentine psychic reading is more than she expected ~ ❣ ~


Carla, I can only say you are amazing. Let me start by saying that I sat in silence – a bit skeptical at first. When you started to pinpoint such details that were not vague, and no one could have known, I did start to raise my eyebrow. I was completely SOLD when you described my workplace with such detail, along with future obstacles we both knew were inevitable. Along with this information, you gave me some solutions to future issues I would be facing. I was a bit disappointed regarding my love life, and I know you can not change what is meant to be – but your description of the current problems (which were right on) allowed me to face the reality of it all. Although you did not see me with the one who holds my heart now, I am still hopeful at the same time to find one with a mutual love interest. You gave me the confirmations I needed to move past the “stuck” place I have been in for a while, and you shared what you saw for my future love who is supposed to be the ONE for me… I will keep you tuned into this future prediction – due in April sometime (hoping for a “mutual” love this time).

I was immediately put at ease by your down-to-earth style and insight. I felt you could be the ‘girl next door’ if I had just met you, yet your insight is truly a gift to us all. I did my best not to give you any clues into my life, and still you were able to draw information that was only relevant to me and could not be vague enough to fit others’ lives or lifestyles. I know others would benefit from a reading to get them out of the rut they are in, or to gain clarity in their lives. Again, I thank you for the guidance I received from you in making decisions that will better help me in my life.


Published by Psychic Carla Baron

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