~ Foretelling The Future ~

I was a precocious girl at 11 when I was introduced to my first psychic, who years later on subsequent visits, had predicted some amazingly accurate details to occur in my future.

Her name was Mary, an older Italian woman who had a cloudy cataract covering one of her eyes. Mary read clients from all over the tri-state area. They would park their cars, lining the streets leading to her home, waiting patiently for their “turn” to be read. She read them right there on her kitchen table, complete with plastic red-checkered table cloth, and sacred religious shrines protecting the space within – holy water fonts hanging in every room to make us feel safe. (You see she was a very devout Roman Catholic, as many were who lived in that quaint neighborhood near the Poconos on a steep hill with white picket fences, houses all cuddled tightly together – as if guarding some ancient secret amongst themselves.)

Anyway, you see – my psychic in that instance CHOSE ME. I was led to her.

She died when I was 19, but not before she revealed exactly when she would die, and that I would make the move to California or Florida .. she saw palm trees .. “No, definitely California.” – She was adamant. I wanted to be the next Am. Idol, as all I ever dreamed of was becoming a famous recording artist.. but Mary was not seeing that in her cards – she said, “You will be famous, but not as a singer. You will do what I do! And be known all over the world.” Mary even told me what year in my life this was to happen. And she was eerily accurate – I am still in awe to this day.

(Oh, and as Mary predicted – I did move across the country to Los Angeles, California. )

She used regular playing cards, by the way – perfectly stained with whatever sauce was simmering that day on the stove. I went often to see her with my grandmother. We would talk about the reading for hours and hours and hours afterward over hot tea & some sweet cookies or cake she baked that day. (My Pisces grandfather was highly amused by all this, but looked at us with so much love as he walked by the table & we poured over Mary’s readings for what seemed like the 98th time.)

I have seen many psychics since Mary. I’d been “led” to them as part of my journey, where bits of “information” or “messages” I was ready to hear & assimilate would be channeled. Not before, but right then. At those precise moments. And by psychics who may or may not have been well-known, or even particularly accurate with anyone else, but me and a few others.

Whoever is meant to provide you with clarity, guidance, the way up ahead  ~ you will know. Stop trying to find the “perfect” psychic, or medium, or fortune teller.

Because sometimes …  they find you.

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Published by Psychic Carla Baron

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