How Do We Grade Psychics?

I was pondering that very question this morning while sipping on my Kona Blend w/ Coconut Crème.

These past few weeks, I’ve had readings from 2 different psychics where we happened to cross metaphysical paths. (Yes, even famous psychics get personal readings … as a self-check or validation of what we may be sensing – sometimes just to make sure we aren’t really going insane. 😉 )

The readings were, for the most part, strikingly similar in detail – only veering off the main road there on one or 2 impressions that each proffered & WITHOUT my querying – a salient point in my assessment here today. When I was in the sessions, both psychics seemed to stay on track when I gave them direction, asking my specific questions. However, when each psychic was left to go off on their own for a few minutes, the results were uncanny – not even in the realm of probability. In fact, the remarks were almost the farthest thing out in left field I had ever heard anyone say.

My thoughts on this freaky phenom are this …

Both psychics, as I stated earlier, were dead on &  ‘in sync’ with each other on many of the details springing forth in the reads. (And in case you’re wondering – NO, I did not ‘tip them off’ by revealing what one or the other had seen.)  To be honest, these readings were so similar, it made me believe in the psychic process more than ever.. and that certain agreements are written in the ethers, Akashic records, universal database, whatever it is you wish to call it.

But, alas, we are human. And we tend to doubt the entire process when one ‘stone’ is strewn in our path, or some notion that just doesn’t ‘fit’ infiltrates our hardwiring. So it was with me as I wondered “What the hell?” when these 2 psychics veered off into a virtual Never Never Land with their odd comment or 2 – so wildly different from the rest of the amazing read. The statements bordered on ‘kooky.’

I came to the conclusion that – as with me – the psychic mechanism is a sensitive & wondrous realm, where there are no hard ‘n’ fast rules, instructions, or convenient little handbook. The 2 psychics should be graded on the readings as a whole – not the couple crazy things they got sidetracked with during the sessions.

Much of what they had seen has come to pass, by the way. I just have to keep reminding myself of this revelation today – as I strongly suggest for any of you who also get psychic readings on a regular basis, or if only, sporadically. Even I was zeroing in on that one crazy thing they said that was so off… so wrong.. so not me. But in the end, I recalled one of my wise idioms – “Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water!”

The psychic ‘grading’ system now has structure, definition, more meaning for me. I have stopped over-analyzing the sessions, creating havoc where there is none. It is simply the nature of the beast itself to have random less-than-realistic interpretations fly in. Perhaps the reader skewed the focus, assembled the details incorrectly. Or interpreted the momentary flash without seeing the rest of the picture.

I now have a newfound excitement in the readings to come. No more doubt creeping in because of a minuscule human error, or misinterpretation. But, instead, elated that so much of what is seen by different individuals is virtually the same!

This is why I do this. This is why I believe so in this process. This is why I have locked into my assigned destiny as a psychic/ medium for a mass number of souls this life.

What a markedly great time in history to be an intuitive.

♢  ๑ ☼  ◈

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