“I feel like a gorilla has been lifted off my back!”

I had a reading with Carla today. Wow, what much needed insight I have gained. I was stuck and being consumed by my circumstances and needed guidance desperately. You will have to forgive my grammar because my mind is racing with clarity on so many things and I am writing as I am thinking. This testimonial is for me as much as it is for you. I wanted you to know that I gave Carla nothing to go on. I wanted to make sure I didn’t hand feed her the answers so I made my questions short and sweet. She filled in all the details with her insight. It was scary how many details she knew. She knew everything, all the intimate details of my life and all my desires. Don’t get me wrong. She didn’t sugar coat things. I got some answers I didn’t want to hear. Anyway, here are the questions I asked.

I awaited the phone call nervously. This could and probably would change my life. She instantly put me at ease. We got straight into the questions I had. My first question that I had was about the house I’m trying to purchase. I have been in this process for 5 months.  It was one thing after another and now they want money that I just don’t have. I’m a single mother trying to give my children a stable home. She said they know my desperation and what they are trying to do is illegal. Oh, my beautiful house. I want this house so much. She reassured me that I would have this house, but it will not come to pass until August. For me to get this house I have to first report my case to the fair housing market. I’m a true Libra and try to avoid confrontation but also, I am the sign of the scales which is balance and justice. So as soon as I got off the phone, I sent the fair housing market an email pleading my case and you know I felt instant relief that I had done the right thing. Do I want to wait? NO! But if this keeps other people from scammed, including myself, then it is worth the time I will have to wait.

Second question was about the man I am completely in love with. Problem is I invested 7 years into a relationship with a married man. All the details of our relationship and him being married came up after she finished her reading about this man. I wanted to know if this relationship would work. I have been conflicted for years with guilt but my love for him is sooo strong. He tells me that he and his wife have no relationship. I want to believe but it’s hard. I do understand however that she has it made with him. He does everything and she does whatever she wants. They have four kids together. Ugh, more guilt. I don’t want to hurt anyone, but I need guidance. Carla informs me that she is going to take him to the cleaners. Did I mention she was a paralegal in a very prestigious law firm? Anyway, she said he will be a broken man. She said he loves me, and she does not touch him (which is comforting). He wants to make it work with me, but he won’t man up to do it. And that is the truth in what he has been telling me and how he has acted. She said he relies on my love, but he is her puppet. She knows about me and threatens him repeatedly. She said if I wait, he will be broken when it comes to pass. My question was what if I walk away? Will his life be better? She said no. He will begin to drink to the point of physical ailment and suicidal ideations.

Wow, that is hard to swallow. As she said and I have said many times before we are only responsible for ourselves. We are not responsible for other’s happiness. Still the man I love and adore will be a broken man. Hard to swallow and painful to accept. We make our own beds and are responsible for our actions. Actions have consequences. She said it’s up to me to make the choice. Uggggghhh. She also said in two years another man will come to pass that is gorgeous, accomplished, financially stable, and is no fool. He will want to take care of me. That’s not something I am use too at all. She said I will destroy that relationship with my uncertainty and insecurity over “is this real?” Again, typical of me. She said it will work but I have to start work now on myself and accepting and demanding respect and love. So now I have homework. There’s always room to grow right?

My next question was about my eye and my weight. My left eye has been twitching like Scrat off of Ice Age for 5 years now. Very embarrassing. I asked will it ever stop. Nobody has been able to figure anything out besides it’s stress related. She said that I have vitamin B deficiencies that supplements won’t fix. I have to cut back on my protein and if you knew how addicted I am to nuts (this is the food but yeah men too) wow that’s a new twist. I need more carbs. And she said I’m allergic to wheat. That’s why I tear my arms up scratching. Again thought it was nerves. Of course I have to lay off the sodas and I am not to drink for at least 2 hours after I eat. She said my eye will quit twitching and I will lose weight. Ok, I’m sold. I also have to take this citrus supplement which is cool with me. So I will concede and do what I got to do. But I wasn’t done asking question so on to the next half hour.

I’m in my Master’s program for nursing and I am ready for a meltdown. I notified the teachers I was planning on dropping the courses. I’m not a quitter, so this is very difficult for me. She said she sees me broken-hearted, but I will specialize in psychiatric or mental disorders and sees me working in a nursing home and getting a promotion. Ok, done and done. Just got promoted this week in the nursing home I work in with Alzheimer’s and dementia patients (mental disorders). She said she sees me specializing and heading up a trial study utilizing natural biochemical substances focused on the mental disorder. Funny thing is I have been a landscaper for 9 years. Plants are my life outside of my kids and nursing. I know them like nobody’s business. I can easily identify plants by a leaf and tell you everything about it. You could almost say I’m obsessed with plants. Gardening is also my therapy. My ex-husband always knew how mad I was by the size of the new garden when he got home. Anyway, I can totally see this and would find great pleasure in this. If you knew the way I think you would know that the opportunity to mix my two passions for the betterment of mankind is a lifelong dream and goal. She said I would spend 6 months on an island or in Costa Rica heading this project. Another funny tidbit is that I have pursued learning Spanish knowing it would be an important detail in my nursing career. The mission will be in 2013. How exciting and it just fits with what I feel my purpose is. Whoopee, yeah me.

My last question was about my daughter. She has severe anxiety and depression. I am lost in what to do. She’s in therapy and we work together to try to build her self-esteem and decrease her anxiety. We tried medications and I got a call from the school that she was cutting herself. She has permanent scars on her hand from this. As a mother I was terrified. I immediately took her off the pills. Carla said she has an extreme reaction to medication, and also has the same biological issues as me with the B vitamins. (I have anxiety disorder and OCD just like my little girl). She said she needs to be painting and eating right and all will resolve. All my explanations of what my daughter has been going through came AFTER Carla read for the situation.

What an experience. I feel like a gorilla has been lifted off my back! With all her predictions, Carla found out the details to the situation AFTER she read for the situation. Her insight and accuracy was amazing. I’m saving this testimonial so that as the foreseen things come to pass I can update you on her “dead on” accuracy. I have complete faith in what she has seen for me and recommend her to anyone who feels they are conflicted or at a crossroads. Thank you Carla, you have opened my eyes and I will follow your guidance. What an exciting life I have in front of me. Long winded, yes I know, but this is my life we are talking about and I think it’s important to share all the details to help those that may have some of the same or similar issues.

Love and Light,


I put that in my testimonial that I had contacted the Fair Housing market immediately and they are already forwarding to the appropriate agency for handling. I am talking about they responded to me within 10 minutes! Wow. I will keep you all updated on the happenings with the house and the loan.

I was telling my daughter, Faren, about the reading and she was freaked out. She was “how does she know that about me?” She said “Ask her if she will read me.” Do you read 11yrs?…too funny…she just walked up and said what else has salt in it sounding all down. She’s so funny. She’s feels like you already know her from what I told her you said about her in my reading. ~ Laurie




Laurie wrote:

“I was read by Carla yesterday. My eyes have been opened. I know the signs are always there but I was so consumed by my situations that I could not see or hear the signs. All she did was clarify what my guides were trying to get to me. I wanted to note that she told me the house I was trying to buy was put in my path for me to correct an injustice. I followed her advice. Within minutes contact the fair housing and filed for an investigation. Within hours the flood gates opened and a new and better direction was presented to me. What had eluded me for almost 6 months now has suddenly taken a twist that allows me to have my beautiful house. I honestly feel if I had not taken that action I would not be getting the house. Thank you Carla for your guidance. You went above and beyond for me and it is already changing my life for the better. You are truly gifted.”

“I talked to the local lady trying to right the wrongs with my loan. She took my information and quickly got back to me. She’s checking into the USDA loan but told me about how the FHA loan would work for me. She said that I have to put down 3.5%. OK that’s the same. She told me I qualified for a grant of $5000 to be repaid over the next 10 years and its incorporated into the loan. 3.5% =$3780-$5000=$1220 in my pocket. She said my income and credit score where well above what they needed to approve me. She said my monthly mortgage with high end insurance(I sent her low end and high end quotes) taxes and grant repayment would make my mortgage $712 a month. I was told through the other lender with the low end quote for insurance and no grant repayment that my monthly mortgage payment would be $888. So tell me whose pocket was getting padded with my $176 extra a month. Hmmmm. Carla you just saved me from being robbed $63,360 plus whatever closing cost they were gonna charge me. THAT’S HUGE, especially for a single mother. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you and we are only one day post read. This is crazy great.”



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