The Best Psychic Reads, Getting Into The ‘Zone,’ and the Takeaway

As I enjoyed my cup of fragrant Kona, laced with a touch of Vanilla Nut & Coconut Creaminess this warm southern Cali summer morning – my mind was drifting to thoughts of psychics, and readings, and why is it that my particular readings are consistently connecting, uncannily accurate even. Sometimes the querent feels “But howContinue reading “The Best Psychic Reads, Getting Into The ‘Zone,’ and the Takeaway”

How Do We Grade Psychics?

I was pondering that very question this morning while sipping on my Kona Blend w/ Coconut Crème. These past few weeks, I’ve had readings from 2 different psychics where we happened to cross metaphysical paths. (Yes, even famous psychics get personal readings … as a self-check or validation of what we may be sensing –Continue reading “How Do We Grade Psychics?”

Spirit boards, tea leaves, rune stones… possession?

Angel Boards, Ouija Boards .. these are only tools, my doves. Similar to Tarot cards, crystals, rune stones, tea leaves, palmistry, or the like. These objects are just that – OBJECTS. It’s your physical brain waves communicating with your higher self, or within that higher plane. No evil. No angels. No disembodied spirits. It isContinue reading “Spirit boards, tea leaves, rune stones… possession?”