The Best Psychic Reads, Getting Into The ‘Zone,’ and the Takeaway

As I enjoyed my cup of fragrant Kona, laced with a touch of Vanilla Nut & Coconut Creaminess this warm southern Cali summer morning – my mind was drifting to thoughts of psychics, and readings, and why is it that my particular readings are consistently connecting, uncannily accurate even.

Sometimes the querent feels “But how can this be?” – scratching his/ or her head in confused disbelief – only to find out later the events have occurred precisely as I had envisioned them that day.

My ultimate goal is to deliver to each I encounter just the right ‘message’ they are ready to receive at that given instant. And – according to numerous glowing client testimonies & emails, that ‘goal’ appears to have been more than surpassed. In fact, a synergy of spirit has taken place that is most wonderful to behold. It’s a bit difficult to describe in mere words …  a swirling sense of connectedness, purpose, and perhaps – a tinge of euphoria – seem to take over when my higher psychic being aligns with that of client engaged in the peering ritual. There is a ‘transporting’ happening here, a cell of time where we are briefly lifted away from the moment long enough to glimpse snippets into the past, present, future – whatever the case may be.

Now you may ask yourselves –

“How often am I right when it comes to interpreting the images, messages, and events I see within the reads?”

Well, I rely most on my clients for those affirmations, confirmations of the data streaming forth.

My Psychic Reading Testimonials provide a virtual  ‘Yellow Brick Road’
to true tales of
happiness, success…

Sometimes sorrows, failures that juxtaposition to future successes when the lessons are finally learned – echoing events that would,
(in pedestrian terms)
…seem wildly unimaginable.

I won’t lie to you –

There are those occasional psychic reads where the client and I do not resonate.

These happen. Even with a psychic of my caliber and track record. But those occasions are most infrequent – in fact, rare. And I attribute them to a client’s frantic need for answers & hoped-for outcomes, driving them to paralyzing fear, creating some sort of supernatural, tweaked-out, altered state of disrepair and imbalance.

(Don’t get me wrong – I’ve been there myself.)

In fact, recently.

You see …we psychics also find ourselves out-of-sorts, searching for answers to unending questions in our present lives, in need of a future ‘fix.’  And we are not that particularly adept at peering into our crystal-ball-mind’s eye to see all that would make sense of the road ahead (or behind, for that matter.) We simply are not supposed to be.

I am able to see some things, some details – like curious little ‘breadcrumbs’ – leading me even further into the proverbial Dark Forest.

But I need a little help.
A little psychic assist. (Yes, even me.) 

My destiny appears perhaps extraordinary to most of you surveying from your personal vantage points. Some cannot even imagine why I would need that type of help from another of ‘my kind.’

But I do. At times. At certain pivotal junctures in my life.

And NOW happens to be one of them. I feel the future is upon me – my new plateau awaits. It’s on the verge. The precipice… I can sense a magnificence approaching.

It was at this point, I jumped in – wildly flailing my irrepressible excitement, accompanied by the usual impatience (sound familiar?) – seeking enlightenment to my next step, next adventure, next destination…

All in all, there were about 10 or so psychic readers I’ve juggled through this past year – trying to find that right chemistry – right fit – for someone of my personality, energy grid, psychic gifts. It’s actually harder than you think – almost like I came in with some sort of built-in handicap, or invisible force field, preventing each of these intuitives from seeing clearly into my Unknown.

Embarrassed to say, I even felt cursed at one point that my psychic talents could see for so many – Why was there not one psychic who could see for me?  I was open to them seeing for me – not judgmental or fixated on any outcome, prediction .. (or was I?)

I woke up today knowing something had changed inside of me – a movement from where I had been. There were some goals, events, wishes, and other dreams I was unwilling on some level to just let manifest into what would be MY destiny. I let these preconceived notions dictate my mental proclivity to allow an even better, greater destiny to arrive – a kind of imposed ‘barbed wire’ effect,  if you will.

These psychic readers were not bad .. but they were not reliable, or consistent, in their ability to read the signposts up ahead. It was piecemeal, at best.

But from what I could surmise when reviewing all the data and all the impressions, was that there were uncanny similarities in the details proffered by each psychic regarding my life path. Dates, events, relationship, career – many of the details seemed to match. I was astounded (and somewhat thrilled for psychics everywhere) by that unexpected finding.

In my case, I needed to hold onto that. For now. And realize there was a unique destiny for me – awaiting only my readiness to receive it. (And you may THINK you’re ready – have yourself all fired up & poised for all that is to come .. but the Universe
(i.e., your higher self) knows better.

So, there are teeny tiny things you may have forgotten to grasp along the way … a plethora of insignificance awaiting completion BEFORE your scheduled entry into personal happiness, success, whatever is meant to be.

I now have a much more profound appreciation for these soul-enhancing, character-building, life ‘interruptions  – bits of experience haphazardly strewn in my path. I came out the other side with such a new perspective – why I needed those things to happen first – how they will apply later to my future destiny choices. My life’s stepping stones now carry more meaning, more clarity, more reward for the days and nights ahead.

How can you get in the proverbial ‘zone’ of which I speak when scheduling a psychic session?  And get the most out of your psychic experience? Is there anything you, as a client, can do to facilitate this process – inspiring the psychic reader to generate the best psychic read for you, while prompting the Universe (your higher essence) to reveal its well-guarded secrets?

As I expressed above – I tend to have a pretty reliable intuitive mechanism, which
locks in to even the most ardent of resistant mindsets. These individuals from some deep place within – most times, unwittingly – manifest psychic bombardment & barriers to any peering in that may ensue.

However, the client can assist me (and themselves) tremendously by just breathing.
(I know … simple, right?) Breathing tends to slow down the vibrational rate, thereby allowing me access into the higher portals. It also helps a great deal in balancing your unique energy field

In addition  – complete trust during the time period we have scheduled together, so that I can truly see into your situation (despite any misgivings you may have held prior about an individual’s propensity to actually be ‘psychicin the first place.)

Remember, most often individuals are unaware of their fears
blocking their path to me.

And you may not believe in ‘psychic ability’ as much as you might have first professed when faced with your own dragons & demons elicited via the read.

And that is what I am ultimately accomplishing here – an intuitive interface with


That is how I see into your situation.

You already know the answers.

I am simply unlocking them for you.




That’s the glorious takeaway.
The keys to open those forbidden, hidden doors are finally back in your capable hands.

Just in time. 

Just when you are precisely ready to know the how, where, and why to use what you’ve acquired.


To book a personal psychic session by phone (or Skype, if outside the U.S.), please feel free to contact me @ my main website ~

Looking forward to reading you to see what we can see …


(As it was meant to be…)

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