Carla saw my current job situation perfectly, future employment.. so accurate with everything!


It was my first read, and I felt comfortable with Carla’s being able to pick up on the real stuff. This was my birthday present I gave to myself to get a reading with her. [4th of July]

I was worried I might be fired at work. My bosses had hinted that they might fire me within 2 weeks. Carla spoke about all the details going on at work, describing my bosses to a T, having a need to trump everyone with power-plays and their clique which I was excluded from. She said they were planning to fire me, as I’d been afraid of, even tho I’ve been doing everything I can there to try to please everyone. She said nothing would ever be good enough for them, and that was what I’d been experiencing. She even mentioned that it wasn’t worth losing sleep over, and I did have a sleepless night worrying about work.

Carla said I carry around a dark cloud of dust that attracts people who overpower me. How true! And suggested that I find my own slice of happiness and empower myself by quitting the job before they fire me. I am going to dust myself off now, thanks to Carla.

She saw a bakery shop as a future employment, and described the place which will be a happy work-place as a part-time day job, even seeing a romantic connection there. My second area we addressed was my health and she pinpointed what problem areas I am having trouble with and gave some nutritional advice for my colon problems so I can start to feel better.

She was also able to accurately describe my family situation and helped me understand a little better what is and has been going on and that things will continue pretty much the same as they are now.

She was very nice and wished me a happy birthday too.

Thank you!! Happy Birthday to Me! ☄

– Patrice from Ohio

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