“Carla predicted his emergence before I was ever aware of him, along with his field of endeavor.”


Just an update to testimonial last November…

You stated in my reading that the man in question was rhythmic and needed to keep a flow of communication. You stated that he had positive impressions of me, but would always apply himself fully to the “project” at hand. He left for a five month tour with a television production, and communications were less than fluid. I remembered your prediction that he would resurface in Pisces time, and would come close to where I live. As he is a west coast resident, when in the states…it seemed in the natural, unlikely.

Please, please…those of you who have/will receive a glimpse of tomorrow via Carla…get ready. Although there were technical difficulties with the timing of the project, here is what occurred last week:

I noticed by looking at Skype (hope springs eternal), and noticed that he was suddenly in my time zone. I sent a message acknowledging this, and he said that he had been in a city 150 miles from me the previous evening, and was now one state east. He said that as he was on a manic-paced pilot production, and time was not his own, we would not see each other at this time. My point is that Carla said that he would be near while on a project, and that the relationship would proceed in the coming months. Carla predicted his emergence before I was ever aware of him, along with his field of endeavor. It was like predicting an alien landing on my lawn, and yet it happened. I notified Carla that because of my internal skepticism, and my reluctance to expect something wonderful and just for me, I am now eating a brunch of CROW. You ladies and gentlemen from the south know what I mean.

Thank you, Carla for every encouraging word and the bridges they create when we feel we are walking alone.


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