I am completely blown away by my reading with Carla. If there are any skeptics, this is the testimony you need to read.


OK…so let me start by saying I am completely blown away by my reading with Carla. If there are any skeptics, this is the testimony you need to read. First let me advise that you only call Carla if you are searching for the TRUTH and want an ACCURATE glimpse into tomorrow. Before talking to Carla I was nervous. However, as soon as I answered her call she began reading. I felt as if I was speaking to a good friend.

My first question was about a test that I took in June. I wanted to know if the results was favorable since I will not see the scores until November. She assured me that I indeed passed the test but she also mentioned that my friend did not pass. I could have fallen out of my chair when she said this because I didn’t mention to her that my friend was concerned about her status as well. As a matter of fact, both my friend and I have been worrying about the results for a month now! But as a final confirmation (which I noticed she does a lot), Carla made sure to look back over the reading before we moved on to ensure it was definitely in my favor. It Was!

Oh…but it gets better! I went on to ask her about my ex. We ended our relationship very abruptly and I was hurt by it. So I wanted to know if this was really the end. She began by giving me a description of his traits which were ridiculously dead on! Greedy with money (check), Wheeler and dealer (check), not straight up with people (check), plays people for money (check), yet generous (indeed), Likes to travel (check). She even asked me if he gets bad headaches and he does all the time! She went on to say how he will be back in August and I will fall victim again (*sad face*). She said he will not have changed but he will charm me with his boyish ways. But the part that truly made Me fall out of my chair is when she said out of the blue “He’s an Aquarian.” SO TRUE..YES HE IS!! I never revealed that or anything else she said about him to her! I was dumbfounded! She was so dead on the whole time! I could barely sit still!

So after finding that clearly my ex was not “the one”, she assured me that I will meet the guy whom I will marry in Aries time of next year (March/April). She described him to a tee. She said I will meet him in his office as he will be helping me with something for my own business. Mind you, I didn’t even mention to Carla that I owned my own dance school so for her to say that, it blew me completely away. I knew that her prediction had to be right. Anyways, She went on to say that he works as a lawyer or a stockbroker. Carla then saw he may have something to do with filing my incorporation papers, or something very close to that. She described the way he dressed and even told me about his hobbies and that he plays basketball on the weekends! (Huge turn on!) I’m already swept away by my future guy because he sounds like everything I want in my man/husband!

CARLA IS THE BEST! She has put my mind at ease. Now I can sleep at night. I will be posting an update in September and again after April. Thanks Carla!

– SJ

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