“I am very impressed on how accurate Carla was on so many things! Especially being right on the time frames it would happen.”


I contacted Carla because I have been single for 5 years now, and recently started seeing a guy that has entered my life a few times through the years. I wanted to know if he was “the one”. She said he was NOT the one and that in May we would get into a huge fight over money – possibly due to him stealing money from me. It’s funny – because I have had this problem with men in the past – and I always keep my purse locked in my car when I go see him because I don’t know if I can trust him or not.

She also said I would meet “the one” in June. Carla saw him grieving over the loss of a loved one possibly from a accident and that we might meet in a hospital or graveyard. I also asked about a friend who passed away recently, and she told me that my friend wanted to tell me not to worry about money so much – that we can’t take it with us when we die – and that when she crossed, money and all the things she owned didn’t even cross her mind.

Carla didn’t know this.. but before my friend passed, she said she wished she hadn’t spent so much time in her life worrying about money because she knew she couldn’t take it with her when her time comes.

Carla also said she saw younger spirits or “lights” around my friend, that they seem to gravitate to her light.. and that she helps them with things. This sounds so much like my friend because she always hung out with younger people. She also loved helping people when she could. Carla also said that my friend told her I would be moving near a place with a river or water near it. Carla has such a great gift and was able to pick up on things she had no way of knowing – talking to her really helped a lot. It was so nice to hear from my friend again and know that she is ok. I’m also looking forward to June – finally meeting the man I am going to be with. I was beginning to think I was going to be single forever lol.


The following week after I had my reading with Carla in April, I started noticing things about the guy I had been seeing.. like for instance, he got to where he wouldn’t text me everyday like he used to and every time he wanted to hang out, he would ask me to buy him something (like cigarettes and such) and that he would pay me back for it later..this went on until May (like she said) and before I knew it, he owed me over $50.

Every time he would ask me, I would think back to what Carla told me, and I finally decided I would not do it again. During this time, I would find myself getting very angry that I was being used. I would hold off from cussing him out like I wanted to..we never got into a fight, but I know that is only because of me talking with Carla. Knowing ahead of time what to expect, I was able to hold back my feelings. Knowing myself and how upset I was over the situation, I know without doubt if I had not talked to Carla and known what to expect this huge fight would have happened. In the end – our contact with each other faded away. and he got away with the money he had “borrowed”..so she was right about the “using me/stealing” part, and the month it would happen in.

In June, I found myself visiting a long time family friend in the hospital who was on life support..so the month “June” and “hospital” also came to pass! I must say – when I had my reading and she mentioned “hospital” and “graveyard” – I was a bit skeptical because I have not been in a hospital or graveyard in years. But low and behold – in the MONTH she told me – there I was in a hospital. I thought the graveyard would also come to pass due to my family friend dying, but I found out today that they cremated him.

Yesterday (July 5th) I found myself sitting at my doctor’s appointment (which is located right by the hospital) and this handsome guy walks in and sits down. Before I know it – me,him and another woman get to chatting, and I find he and I have a lot in common. Just so happens he lived in the same area I live in (the doctor’s office is located a town away from where I live.) Also in 2006, I broke my femur in a wreck. When I told him this, his eyes got big and he said, “Wow, I also broke mine before!” He told me he has a 14-yr-old son. I have a 17-yr-old son.

The whole time we were talking, I found myself thinking about what Carla had told me. Like the guy I would meet would look like a “teddy bear” type guy and that he would be mourning the loss of someone and that she had seen it was a wife or possible girlfriend. This guy did look like a teddy bear, but I found myself unsure that this was the particular guy she mentioned. Next thing I know – it came into our conversation that his wife died a few yrs back from an overdose. I think my mouth fell open in surprise..what are the chances I meet a guy whose wife has died, and so close to the month (JUNE) that Carla had mentioned! And look like a teddy bear type guy to boot!

I am usually shy and don’t talk to many people I don’t know (especially men).. and I also can’t remember ever talking to a man whose wife is dead at such a young age. I am only 36 and he looked to be no more than 40 yrs of age. At the end of our convo, before I went in to see the doctor, I found myself doing something I never do. I wrote my number down and handed it to him without him asking for it. I didn’t even know if he had a girlfriend or not, or if he would be interested in me. But since Carla had told me these things, I wanted to be sure that if he is the one – I would at least try.

Also in June, I had a friend who lost her baby when she was in her last month of pregnancy, and she had a funeral for the baby, but I didn’t go. It’s very rare that I go to a funeral, or even know anyone who dies. Time will tell if the guy I met was the “one” or not.. but I am very impressed on how accurate Carla was on so many things! Especially being right on the time frames it would happen. She is truly gifted, and I will recommend her to anyone!

Thanks again Carla,

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