Ghosts, Mediums, Table Rappings .. wait, what’s that BEHIND you?!!

Earlier this week, I was reading an interesting piece on the astrological insights behind Neptune entering Pisces – this cycle transpiring on April 4th,  highlighting a new 14-year cycle of Neptune traveling through its own sign. “With Neptune moving into Pisces, there is the potential for tremendous spiritual transformation, but also mass delusion such asContinue reading “Ghosts, Mediums, Table Rappings .. wait, what’s that BEHIND you?!!”

Spirit boards, tea leaves, rune stones… possession?

Angel Boards, Ouija Boards .. these are only tools, my doves. Similar to Tarot cards, crystals, rune stones, tea leaves, palmistry, or the like. These objects are just that – OBJECTS. It’s your physical brain waves communicating with your higher self, or within that higher plane. No evil. No angels. No disembodied spirits. It isContinue reading “Spirit boards, tea leaves, rune stones… possession?”