“There is no way Carla could have guessed something like that!”

I had my first reading with Carla this evening. There wasn’t a doubt in my mind that her reading would be anything less that accurate. She did not let me down! She knew things that were impossible to guess. Carla was on point!   …

I started off with asking Carla why I haven’t had success in the dating world. She told me that the men I’ve been going out with don’t feel “female energy” coming from me. She said it seems like they have more female energy than I do and that these men feel intimidated by me. This made total sense. I’m a competitive martial artist. I train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and it’s a tough sport. I love being a woman, dressing up, and doing womanly things, but I also like sports. Every time I’ve told a guy that I’m a competitive martial artist, I never hear from him again. I always assumed it was the martial arts scaring them away, and Carla picked up on that without me mentioning anything ahead of time.

She also told me that remaining close friends with my ex-husband was holding me back from finding love. She was dead on with her description of him. He and I are connected on a psychic level which makes it hard for me to turn my back on him, but she said he drains my energy like a “psychic vampire”. She couldn’t have been more accurate. My ex-husband and I had a very emotionally draining relationship and that was basically the root of our problems. To this day I can feel it every time he’s in trouble or going through a stressful time. It sucks up all my energy and I always feel like I have to swoop in and save the day. I cannot save him anymore, I have to live my own life, she said.

I then asked Carla when I will find the right guy. She told me that during the time of Leo (July/August) I will meet a man who will really like me. She said that I will meet this man at “a training of some sorts” and that it will be “at a camp or something”. She said it will be at a place far away where people will need to “travel to get to”. She said I’ll meet him through my circle of friends, or work, etc., whatever group had me travel for the training. I kept my mouth shut the whole time she was describing these things. At this point she had not yet been told that I train jiu-jitsu, or that I have plans to TRAVEL to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in JULY to attend a TRAINING CAMP! There is no way she could have guessed something like that! She went on to say that me and the guy will hit it off, he’ll think it’s sexy that I’m involved in the sport, and that it’s great to finally meet a woman who understands what he does. She says he also lives in the United States and that I will eventually move in with him, most likely in September of this year! Carla said it will be surprising at how well the two of us will get along and that he will be just the kind of guy I’m looking for. Carla told me that the relationship will be a lasting one, and that she saw this guy speaking with a fatherly type of figure, and the father was telling him to “go marry that girl”.

Wow, talk about an incredible reading! I want to say Carla blew my mind with her accuracy, but as I said before, I really didn’t doubt that the reading would be anything less than accurate. She is amazing, and I feel honored that she was able to read for me. You can all expect an update from me at the end of the summer. 🙂

Thank you so much, Carla!

The Lady Fighter from California

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