Can The Sting of a Bee Make a Psychic See?

(I know… what a curious question to ponder.)  

This morning’s cup of fragrant Kona paved the way to an intense field search of anything, everything I could locate on the topic. A distant memory illuminated while having one of my mini cathartic “psychic events,” as I like to call them.

Well, this morning’s “event” was every bit like the others experienced during my lifetime – a welling up of primal emotions, euphoria, fears, anxiety, pressure, the unknown … all magnifying in simultaneous chorus to produce the most intense ‘swirling’ effect within my head, almost to the point of bursting it wide open.

Not a headache (although those sometimes follow after one of my events.)

Not a migraine, nor some kind of seizure, nor emotional breakdown. Just this sudden ‘seige’ of my brain for a few minutes… those several minutes suspended in time – creating the illusion of more like 45 minutes.

I hinted earlier at this morning’s event dredging up a memory from my childhood – I believe I was around 8 yrs. old or so when this happened. It was such an odd, seemingly random thing. I mean, the probability of this happening was, well… staggering (even for a young, somewhat advanced, girl as myself.)

We had this backyard that was set against the woods, lawn near the house, then semi-rocky terrain and tree line where my father placed a swing set for us to play. This particular swing set had a parallel bar to the side where I suppose you could swing like ‘monkey girl,’ or pretend you were the next Olympic hopeful.

(Ok, so I chose Monkey Girl.)

Swinging up high, then back, then up high, then back, then …”Oh noooooo!”

My delicate little hands slipped from the swing bar, and I fell backwards. My head hit a rock below… really hard. Next – I was dazed, and went almost completely unconscious. Things went black for a few seconds. Then as I tried to sit up to inspect my aching head, and see what other injuries I sustained – the back of my skull was all of a sudden
ON FIRE! (It certainly felt like it was.) It began at the point of impact on the back of my head near the crown, then the ‘fire’ surged throughout my brain faster and faster – until my entire BRAIN was ALIVE. It was so warm, and tingled like it was electrically supercharged or something. I was afraid to even stand up. I had no idea what was happening, or why.

Managing my way up the hill to our back door, I yelled to my dad to come quick– that I fell and hit my head on a rock. (My dad was an anesthesiologist, so I knew he would know what to do.) I told him about how my brain felt ‘tingly’ .. almost like it was on fire.

“What could it be?”

I was so worried I had brain damage, or something worse from the stupid, stupid thing that I did out there with the swing bar. My father inspected my scalp where it hit the rock, and asked my mother for a pair of tweezers. (I was now scared beyond normal child limits. Tweezers. What did he need tweezers for?!)

After 5 minutes of cleaning my scalp area with alcohol, and picking at the area with tweezers, he showed me what was lodged in there – a BEE STINGER!

I was stunned. What are the chances of falling backwards, hitting my head on a rock,
on top of a bee, no less?! That would explain the sensation of my brain being ‘on fire’
the bee venom surging through my brain cells at an incredible velocity.

My dad cleaned up the wound, and gave me some ibuprofen to reduce some of the swelling and said we will just have to monitor me closely for the next 12 hours to make sure I don’t slip into a coma or something. (A coma… he actually said “Coma.”)

Well, I seemed to be alright after a good night’s rest, and some more ibuprofen. He gave me a tentative clean bill of health. Whew! Ok. No more Monkey Girl for a while.
(Or maybe ever.)

The vivid recall of this event is what sent me hurling into all tangible kinds of data available on “bee venom” and psychic ability. Was there any correlation? Could this be what triggered my abilities this lifetime? You always hear of psychics having some sort of near-death experience, tragic accident, or traumatic illness wherein they start showing signs of their intuitive capabilities shortly thereafter. Could this have been mine?



Apitherapy or Bee Sting Therapy exists for thousands of years and originated from Egypt, Greece and China and one way of conducting apitherapy is by just picking up a bee and letting the sting do its magic.

There are a few ways to use the good stuff that’s in a bee’s venom. There are around 20 active ingredients in the bee’s venom and the most important one is called Melittin which is a big player and powerful anti-inflammatory agent.

Bee venom is a rich source of enzymes, peptides and biogenic amines. There are at least 18 active components in the venom which have some pharmaceutical properties. The effect mechanism of the venom is not entirely know yet. Scientists believe it can modify the way the immune system functions in the body and contribute to increased cortisol production.


My entire brain was riddled with the venom in a matter of minutes. In small doses,
bee venom is known throughout naturopathic communities to have extraordinary healing properties.

This could very well have stimulated/ activated my “third eye” psychic center
within the brain.

As electrical energy and divine light enter these areas of the neo-cortex and cerebrum, brain cells that have lain dormant for a long time are stimulated. These cells become active and start to perform their designated functions or tasks. As a human being you only use about 10% of your potential brain capacity. When the neurons fire and these cells become activated, you start to use more of your mental or brain capacity. Thus, instead of using 10%, you increase your capacity to 20% or even 30%.



There are parts of the brain that contain psychic abilities such as precognition, déjà vu, past life recall, clairaudience, and clairvoyance. As mentioned earlier, the cerebrum and the neo-cortex make up the majority of the brain. It is here that many of your psychic abilities are contained and merely lie dormant. The brain cells within these areas, when activated, will awaken these psychic abilities and gifts. This is partly why spiritual enlightenment and divine inspiration occur when the crown chakra is opened and activated. Divine light and wisdom enter into the crown energy center as well as energizing these areas of the brain.

As you become more spiritually awakened or enlightened, you begin to reach your full potential as a human being. Not only will you use a greater portion of your brain capacity and increase your IQ level, you will also use many of your psychic and spiritual abilities. This is the goal that a person on a spiritual path strives to attain.


As I recollect … the psychic aptitude & visions I am known for today began AFTER this bee sting ‘activation.’

Coincidence, or Biochem 101?

I believe our quest into this fascinating phenomenon has merely begun…

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