“Carla has not only accurately predicted many of my life’s events, but CHANGED my life in ways she will never understand.”

Thank you AGAIN, Carla, for your wonderful advice and insight.

Just to dip into the past real quick, I had a reading with you a few years back and you told me about my anxiety BEFORE I ever brought it up! You gave me solutions to it that no doctor ever had ever mentioned, because they didn’t know I had “too much metal” in my system, which is what you found!

Oddly, after we spoke back then it wasn’t until a week or so after we talked that I remembered having a little meditative talk with my guide before bed one night (2 weeks before my talk with you) asking for an answer to why I had panic attacks. I dreamed that night that I was vomiting up paper clips, long strands of them. TOO MUCH METAL IN MY BODY!!! I got such a literal answer from my guide that I didn’t even catch it. Until, of course, I spoke with you – and then later made the connection.

Also, you had told me about where I would be working next and you kept saying – “It’s a store you find in the mall.” I said “I don’t want to work in retail!” and you said, “No, behind the scenes.” You said you saw me with “clothes all over the place,”.. “like almost piled on top of me.” Well, that is exactly what my daily work life is like now. I work for a corporate office for a store “found in the mall,” I work with a team to get items photographed to be put on our website. One day when I first started my job I looked down and realized that I had a “PILE of clothing on my lap almost to my chin,” and its like that every day. Crazy!

So that was then. This is now.

I absolutely love the job that you told me I would get, but as of late there have been many changes. Some are a bit scary, and I was starting to wonder if A) I would get laid off and B) Would my place of employment go under. You comforted me with the fact that I would be staying and that we would recover. You said that the company would be asking everyone for their input on how to turn around the business – and I let you know that, in fact, that is already happening here and now! You were a million percent correct on that!

I also asked about my husband’s job. He is not happy where he is, and you said that you saw him working “in the woods,” something with “maybe parks & recreation” and that it would be about a 35-minute drive – and it was maybe “Big Bear.” Well, you had no way to know this, Carla, but we live 35-minutes from Big Bear!!! I also did not tell you that my husband has stated several times that his DREAM job would be to work in that field as a park ranger, or something along those lines. He is a complete ‘outdoors’ type person. You said he would be so happy there, and I have no doubt in my mind that he will. You really are amazing Carla!!!

Lastly, I asked if we would have kids. You said that we wanted to wait until the money was there, which is 100% correct. You also said that it would be hard for me to come to full term and may need medical assistance. You also nailed it on the head about my past history with cycle problems, as well as a few other personal situations that were spot on accurate!

In my quest for losing my 30 lbs of “happy married life fat,” you said that the fiber stuff was not helping, and it was just making me bloated. OH…MY…GOSH..hahaha, you have no idea how right you are about that. I am sooo relieved I can stop eating that crap and get back on a green drink. Bloated is an understatement, but I thought it was helping. So good to know.

(I also did not tell you I was even taking that junk, you just knew, like you always do.)

Thank you again, Carla, for always helping me when I need it the most. I am always and forever grateful. I tell people about you all the time and how you have not only accurately predicted many of my life’s events, but how you have CHANGED my life in ways you will never understand. I am anxiety free to this day because of that very first reading I had with you and that gave me my life back. I don’t think I would be where I am today if I hadn’t spoken to you a few years back… So thank you, thank you!!!!


Stacey Williams



(morning – May 8, 2011)


So I had to tell you, my husband seemed kinda shocked when I told him what you said, and at first he kinda frowned a little and slightly shook his head and my heart sank. I said, “What?” He said, “You have to have a college degree to do any of that.” I said, “Even entry level?” And he wasn’t sure.

I went on parks.ca.gov and looked at their job tab. There is TONS of info on getting a job in that field, and right on the main jobs page was a line about a current position being tested for. It is entry level, no college, sort of like painting signs, curbs, trimming trees, filling potholes, just sort of grunt labor work. The pay scale was right about what he is making now. Nothing fancy. I said to him, “Would you rather do all that vs. where you’re at?” And he said, “In a heartbeat!”

Funny thing, you said he would apply maybe mid-August. Well, according to that site, the testing will be August/September 2011. After the testing you are put on a list and can apply for the position. You said he wouldn’t hear back for about 6 weeks. That also seems in line with the way they do things. After looking at the site, I could tell he was getting excited. This morning he was getting ready for work and I felt him pull the covers up over me, I opened my eyes and the first thing he said was, So are you gonna look into that stuff today? Meaning he wanted me to get the info for him to apply to take the test. I said, “Of course!” and he said, “I’m getting excited.”

It’s so nice to see that spark of hope in his eyes. Thank you again. I will keep you posted.

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