“Simply amazed how dead-on Carla was when describing my Grandfather who crossed over!”



As you saw within the initial minutes of my first reading, I have a nasty habit of keeping my plate a little (ok, a lot) on the full side. I am SO sorry I didn’t send this sooner.

I was simply amazed at how dead-on you were when describing my Grandfather, with absolutely no help from me!! Finally knowing how he felt about his departure, and how his spirit has now…brought me (and by extension, my mother) GREAT peace of mind.

Also – about the mystery – spoiled blonde you saw around my boyfriend…I had a feeling I knew just who it was. I had seen it was coming, long before I talked to you. What-da-ya-know…it wasn’t 2 weeks after talking to you when his blonde & spoiled ex-wife tried to contact him a few times. To no avail, of course. Woo hoo!!

I cannot WAIT to see what else comes to fruition. You reaffirmed many of my hopes and were a great help when it came to me trusting my inner eye, seeing both the good and the bad. I cannot thank you enough…

Until next time…all my love.


Published by Psychic Carla Baron

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