Carla said “Scrappy” when channeling my dead cousin Robert – how could she have known that?!!


Dear Carla,

Thank you so much for my reading today, what you were able to pick up…. Amazed, Amazed, Amazed!

First of all, I asked about whom in my family is being quiet or not aware of what is wrong with them health wise. You asked for both of my parents’ names. You then advised me it was Dad; you said that he is not preparing himself, he is in total denial and that admitting to his health would affect his pride. (This is a typical Maltese trait). You went on to say that he didn’t get over his parent’s deaths, he still thinks about this and has not really moved on, and that his Mother’s passing is what really affected him. You further stated that he will suffer from an instant heart attack, it will be very quick but he will ensure that Mum is not left out. Mum will receive an inheritance and Dad has ensured she will be well looked after.

I stated that he now pretty much has nothing due to him selling his business and putting the money into her (his girlfriend’s business) which went belly up and lost everything. You stated that his name is still on the Lease and that she is doing something illegal, you saw her behind bars, being incarcerated, she will get caught but there will be a weird turn of events and Dad will be fine. Dad will end up doing something that will make him successful, and everything will turn out and he will keep to his deal in reference to Mum.

The lease I know was in his name as I was present when he picked it up with his girlfriend from the Real Estate Agents. Only family knew that there was no way that you could have known that as the business was in her name, it had nothing to do with him. Whether it was a flaw by the Real Estate Agents as he used the home as Collateral for the Lease / Business or he requested it, it was certainly a shock to her when she saw it and she wanted it changed. But to re-do a Commercial Lease Agreement costs extra. There is absolutely no way you could have known that, and I was seriously shocked as you would’ve seen in my eyes.

Work (I have been off work – work related leave) for a while and I asked you upon my returning from Annual Leave (which I go in a couple of weeks), will I still be with the same Organization?

You said ‘YES’, however, not the easiest thing to return to. That there is a Woman who is jealous / envious of me. She is a new staff member and you said it was trading places as such. This woman I do not know.

I also asked you as I have been on a fixed term rolling Contract for the past 3 1/2 years, if I would be made a permanent employee? You said ‘YES’ that the Organization will see they really need me when I return from annual leave, and it will be a sense of relief on their behalf as this woman is causing a lot of problems. You also stated that there will be a position where I will be temporarily assigned but it will be a position that this woman is doing and that I will basically take over the position giving me permanency.

You also stated that this woman is spoilt rotten, and didn’t expect me to return, that she assumed that I would be looking for work in other Organizations and that she will be shocked when I return.

Family – My first cousin Robert who was aged 42 when he passed, he had two lots of cancer, he fought the first one, but with the second one, it was the one that took him. I asked if he was upset that I did not see him as I was told he was unrecognizable from the damage of the Cancer except for the three small moles on his face. You said he had a secret insurance policy before this took place that he was aware, but he kept this policy quiet. You also said he is proud of me picking myself up. I have been through a lot in the last couple of years, both physically and mentally and he was proud that I am fighting back.

Now, for the ‘Skeptics’…….

Then Carla said he keeps talking funny, he was a character, but you said, “SCRAPPY”. I almost fell off my chair when you said this, once you said this, I knew it was him. He used to call me Scrappy as in Scooby Doo and Scrappy Doo, I was Scrappy Doo as I always followed him around. He used to do up 69 Chevy’s and race them in the Variety Club Bash to raise money for cancer. He showed me the tools and I use to hand them up to him when he was working on these cars. Scrappy, my god, you picked that up! I still have goose bumps – but nice Goosebumps writing this.

You also said that he was fine that I did not go and see him, he knew he was dying and that he wanted that time with his immediate family, and I wanted to remember him, the way I remembered him. 🙂

I asked another question, what is important / extreme that I need to know about regarding my family, in-laws etc. You said my husband, that he is isolating himself around me, that he is a little unrest at the moment. He was dreaming about another woman that he just tended to go off into his own dream world. (Which he does!) That he couldn’t do it, he was attracted to her, but nothing happened. That I am surrounding him too much. (With me being off work, I think I have become a little OCD). You said that I need to make him miss me again that he will get kind of neurotic and go into hiding. This will occur for about 6 months. You also said that you do not see any separation between us, thank God as I love him so, so much. But you also said that I need to just let him do it, go through it and not push him and he will be fine.

My last question was something that happened to me when I was 16 years of age made a big impact on me and would I learn it again or be able to control it? This was in relation to a family friend, her father passed; we were always told as kids that he had a heart attack, when in fact he took his own life. I saw everything, from what occurred that day, to what he was wearing when his eldest son found him. Carla advised me that I need to learn to tune the noise out. That sometimes, I catch a glimpse for a couple of seconds, then lose the connection and try and make it out. That I need to invest in some good earplugs that block out noise or headphones and this will help.

I know that this reading was meant to be, this was meant to take place. I mean ‘Scrappy’ for crying out loud – he was with us! You answered my questions and so much more, what you saw is unbelievable that I am still spinning over my reading.

Also, I was bragging about you to one of my co-workers, who is also a really good friend, so you may end up with another ‘Aussie Girl’ reading.

Carla, I am eternally grateful for what you had done, I cannot thank you enough…. I mean ‘SCRAPPY’!!!!!! This has never been advertised via a website, social networking, nothing… and you got it!

Thank you so much!

Eternally grateful,
Kristy (SCRAPPY)

Australia 🙂


Friday, June 10, 2011 8:40 AM

“I’m still blown away by the psychic session – even my husband was telling his co-workers today at work about our reading. He even said, I never knew you had ‘that’ nickname! He is blown away by your reading Carla, he saw in my eyes when I was telling him when he got home from work, he saw the emotion in my eyes when I said ‘Scrappy.’ He revealed that after I said it has never been advertised, not on Social Media, Internet, nothing. He told me, “I didn’t know about that.” He knew, pardon the pun, you were dead on!

I still feel like I am floating after our reading. I think I have just ‘referred’ another co-worker who is also a good friend too. I sent her the link to your official web page with my Testimonial and she seems really interested.

Thank you again, you are so ‘dead on!'”

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