“I got goose bumps! We received a cardiologist bill after my mom’s death. None of us knew, except Carla.”

Thank you so much for the reading tonight and giving me closure on so many issues.

I have fought with myself for a while on if I should schedule a reading with you. I watch you on TV and read the testimonials, but have been a skeptic of the psychic industry, and yet intrigued by you at the same time. I have struggled with some questions I have had over the last few years and finally decided that I wanted relief from the torture of “not knowing”.

My first question was regarding my mother. My mother passed away very sudden at a relatively young age. (56) Needless to say, this left a hole in my heart and a void in my life. However, the circumstances surrounding her death have plagued me ever since she has passed. My mother had fallen and fractured her knee cap. She had surgery to repair her knee and three weeks later, while at home, died unexpectedly. The hospital told us this was from a blood clot and that the blood clot was massive.

There was supposed to be an autopsy performed to confirm her cause of death, but due to a screw up, one was never performed. I have never been content with the explanation of her death being a blood clot that resulted post-surgery. The reason is my mother acted different before she died. Withdrew from everyone; Told me I had been a good kid; asked my father is he would ever remarry if she was gone, etc. It just always seemed that she must have known it was coming or that something would happen to her. So, my first question was what killed my mother.

Carla immediately picked up on things that she couldn’t have known. She knew my mother had conflict with my brother and was stressed over it. Carla kept making reference to my mom questioning him being a “bad egg”, which is funny because that is EXACTLY what my Mom called him. Carla knew my mother was distraught over what happened with my brother; Where did she go wrong with him; Why he wasn’t like my sister and I, and why he is so different. Carla stated that this stressed her more and more as she tried to figure this out. Carla confirmed my thoughts of my Mom having heart issues. Carla said that she saw the walls of the heart being paper thin and the heart with holes in it. Carla said this without knowing any information about my mom’s death.

Carla said she wasn’t in any condition to have surgery of any kind and that it wouldn’t have mattered it was simply her time that her heart couldn’t take it. Carla made note of a cardiologist. I got goose bumps!!!! We received a bill from a cardiologist a few weeks after my mom’s death. None of us knew she had seen a cardiologist or what it was for, but it was one of the reasons I wasn’t content with a cause of death being blood clot. She tuned into my father who has suffered with depression ever since my mother’s passing. Carla knew my father was a lost puppy without my mom and that he wants nothing more than to be with her again. She knew that he isn’t taking good care of himself and is basically just existing, getting by until his time comes. Thank you, Carla, for giving my tormented mind closure!

My second question was regarding my youngest son Logan. Logan suffered an accident a year ago at the age of 11 months while at the babysitters. I wanted to know what happened to my son. When we picked him up from the sitters house the sitter told us that Logan had been fussy. We carried him to the car and went home only to find out once we got him out of the car that he couldn’t stand or walk. So, we took him to the hospital. When we got there we learned he had a femur fracture of the right leg and a tibia fracture of the left leg and a fractured vertebrae in his back. Immediately the hospital suspected us of abuse because we couldn’t explain the injuries.

We went through a year of absolute hell being investigated, taking polygraphs, and even having our kids (all 3) removed from the house until we were “cleared” as not being child abusers. Meanwhile the babysitter would not talk to the police or children’s services with the exception of saying he fell. Beside ourselves with not knowing what happened and yet having gone through having our kids removed from our house, court, and the humility that comes with being investigated for such a thing, I couldn’t find peace with not knowing what happened to my little boy.

Carla said that he fell and that stairs where involved. That this wasn’t abuse, but negligence. That he was alone, and the sitter heard the fall and came running. Carla knew that the sitter didn’t have kids and said that the sitter didn’t know what to do. Which is what we had suspected. We suspected that the sitter got scared and didn’t know what to do! Carla mentioned that my son lost consciousness and there was a cut off of oxygen to the brain and that there is some damage done from this. Carla said that Logan is a little slow at putting 2 and 2 together. How dead on! I have suspected for the last few months that Logan isn’t where he needs to be. That he isn’t talking like he should. I have been telling my husband this for a while now and Carla nailed it! Carla mentioned that there will be a manifestation that occurs around the age of 7 from his injuries. Time will tell if this is as accurate as everything else, she said.

My third Question was about my Husband. (You can’t have a psychic reading without asking about your spouse) After all we have gone through with the death of my mother and the traumatic events with my son, we have struggled to keep our marriage together. Carla knew that my husband was a passive person who doesn’t have control over anything in his life. She knew there was financial issues too. (We just filed bankruptcy due to medical expenses) She said that she saw a wooded area that people would go hiking on and canoes/kayaks and wood.

She continued by saying that she saw my husband with his own business and saw him booking appointments. OMG!!!! My husband grew up in a place called Hocking Hills which is near and dear to his heart. This place is all wooded with cliffs and waterfalls and hiking terrain and even has a huge lake that people go canoeing and kayaking. It has always been a dream of my husband’s to build a cabin down there and rent it out to people. Carla said the business will prosper and he should do it. Carla indicated that we would get through all this mess and that we stay married!!! How awesome is that!

Words can’t express how thankful I am for Carla and her willingness to share her gift with everyone. One session has given me contentment with questions that have ruled my life for the last few years and that have caused a heavy heart. Thank you so much Carla for being such a beautiful person and for helping people like me!


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