“I got goose bumps! We received a cardiologist bill after my mom’s death. None of us knew, except Carla.”


I have fought with myself for awhile on if I should schedule a reading with you. I watch you on TV and read the testimonials, but have been a skeptic of the psychic industry, and yet intrigued by you at the same time. I have struggled with some questions I have had over the last few years and finally decided that I wanted relief from the torture of “not knowing”.

Carla immediately picked up on things that she couldn’t have known. She knew my mother had conflict with my brother and was stressed over it. Carla kept making reference to my mom questioning him being a “bad egg”, which is funny because that is EXACTLY what my Mom called him. Carla knew my mother was distraught over what happened with my brother; Where did she go wrong with him; Why he wasn’t like my sister and I, and why he is so different. Carla stated that this stressed her more and more as she tried to figure this out. Carla confirmed my thoughts of my Mom having heart issues. Carla said that she saw the walls of the heart being paper thin and the heart with holes in it. Carla said this without knowing any information about my mom’s death.

My third Question was about my Husband. (You can’t have a psychic reading without asking about your spouse) After all we have gone through with the death of my mother and the traumatic events with my son, we have struggled to keep our marriage together. Carla knew that my husband was a passive person who doesn’t have control over anything in his life. She knew there was financial issues too. (We just filed bankruptcy due to medical expenses) She said that she saw a wooded area that people would go hiking on and canoes/kayaks and wood.

She continued by saying that she saw my husband with his own business and saw him booking appointments. OMG!!!! My husband grew up in a place called Hocking Hills which is near and dear to his heart. This place is all wooded with cliffs and waterfalls and hiking terrain and even has a huge lake that people go canoeing and kayaking. It has always been a dream of my husband’s to build a cabin down there and rent it out to people. Carla said the business will prosper and he should do it. Carla indicated that we will get through all this mess and that we stay married!!! How awesome is that!

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