I wanted to write this now while its fresh, Carla. Soooooo much information to discern, it was hard to take it all in at the present moment.

Family: You were right on with the wedding in 2007 and my mom. She was in a way gunning for me, and I felt it when I picked up the phone. She was very aggressive and angry about what had been said. I was just the target she was aiming for, or perhaps might have been in the way…

Marisa (cousin)- I always knew there was something not so right with her and her husband because it was such a quick engagement and then the wedding. It all seemed to happen so quick that no one knew what to make of it. I even had a feeling that things were not going well when she was at the bridal shower. I never knew what it was, but something was “off” about the whole thing. I just couldn’t put my finger on it at the time (perhaps because my emotions were over the top). I remember that I wasn’t even a concern that day at all, granted it really wasn’t my moment in the spotlight. However, I have a different view knowing that her life wasn’t so peachy (and still might not be at this time.) I am going to do what you said and dial it down with everyone. I’ll play with my own thing and just let the chips kind of fall.

Nikolai – I always got the sense when he dropped out of school that he was wondering and trying to find out his passion; I don’t think he ever really found that out ever. He always seemed to dabble in one thing and then just jump to a whole other thing. Then in the next note it was something else. He never quite stuck with one thing and if I couple that with the passion thing you hit it dead on!!!!!!! I think you were a million percent accurate with the whole situation. I think I’m just a thing he sees every few years and then I’m gone again and there will never be a solid relationship if he doesn’t get himself straight. Then again, I am the polar opposite, with my path set since I was fifteen.

The lobbyist sounds interesting. I’ll definitely keep an eye open. I mean it does make sense since it is my senior year and I’m an hour from DC. I’ve never even been there so maybe I’ll have the opportunity in the near future. I’m just gonna keep the door open and see what happens with this year and who I run into on campus. Sounds like senior year won’t be boring though!!!!!!!

You are the epitome of perfection!!!!! I am so glad I finally did this and I will be a regular client, and keep up with you and your amazing career.


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