Totally blown away by Carla!


I am a respected professional, not some nut-cake. I contacted Carla because of some traumas I have been going through. This is not something I would normally do, being a “rational,” “logical” person.

I would just ask very general questions, such as “how is work going to go for me.” She was so spot-on, I almost fell off my chair. For example, she was able to pick up, in detail, the fact that my son loves to whittle wood. She even described a “totem” he had carved. This is an unusual hobby and she was able to see this.

Also, my husband has a very rare disease–so rare that the doctors could not diagnose him for months. She was able to describe all of his symptoms to a “t.” Very shocking. Her insights into his personality were correct as well. She’s made a believer out of me.

Carla is a straight-shooter, which I like. She is not going to sugar-coat anything just to make you feel good. But, she also is empathetic and talks to you like are a close friend. I will be calling her back!

Skeptic in Utah

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