I am happy and excited about my life. It was an incredible experience. Carla is the best!


This was my first reading and it gave me such peace of mind. She made me feel comfortable and spoke to me like we knew each other for a long time. Carla has an amazing gift.

The first thing I wanted to know was about my mother. My mother died at the age of 40 almost 20 years ago. She often appeared to really struggle with her life. She clearly was not happy and Carla picked up on her level of depression she had about her life and relationships. Carla validated my privately held belief that she would have ended her own life if she had not died of cancer.

Carla also accurately described the fact that mother had copious amounts of medications in her system and her death may have been assisted in some way. This brought comfort as mom was in a lot of pain and she would time the need for medications down to the minute. It would not surprise me if she was assisted in some way as she clearly wanted to pass on. Mom experienced several comas and Carla helped me understand that it was a way to help her cross over.

(Carla had NO WAY of knowing that my mother was in a comatose state before she died – I told her nothing.)

Our relationship was one of turmoil and conflict. Carla accurately described my mother and even likened her to a “mommy dearest” which made me smile as I knew exactly what she meant by that. Carla and I shared a laugh as I appreciated her candor and her honesty to call it like she sees it. She validated that she was forced into motherhood and wanted different than she had it. I asked if she had anything she wanted to tell me and Carla told me that mom feels like she destroyed my idea of what relationships are and I could totally understand this statement. Her relationships were very dysfunctional and toxic. Carla stated mom did not want to apologize and this I knew too, as mother was not the type who easily apologized. Carla said that mom’s karma was to learn courage through a life time and this statement is incredibly accurate as her nature was very passive.

I know this may not sound like a very positive reading, but it provided me comfort. It truly validated what I already suspected but never knew. This gives me peace of mind that I really did understand my mother in all of her complexities. I know that she loved me and she did the best she could. Carla said my mom is happy for my success and coming from the type of woman she was…it meant everything.

I am in the middle of separating from my husband and I wanted to know if I did the right thing. Carla made me feel soooo much better when she accurately described my husband as ‘controlling.’ My husband has good intentions but is very controlling and wants to manage me all the time. She said that I feel repressed and not myself around him. Carla “gets” this and understands my reasons for wanting to divorce.

I recently had a job opportunity in two different states and Carla confirmed that I made the right decision to stay in this state and take the job. My friends and family are in the other state and this has been difficult for me as I feel like I really need their support. I often wondered if I should have left as I struggle with my personal life. Carla stated that I made the right decision and that the other position would have been a challenge and not nearly as rewarding. I feel settled in my decision and the direction my life is going.

I also asked about my deceased grandmother as we were very close. Carla described her with such precision saying grandma was competitive and loved to win. Carla said that grandma had lots of gumption and was a proud woman. This is also very true. I asked if grandma had a message for me and Carla relayed the message “grab your happiness where you can get it and stop with all the rules.” This brought big smiles as she was a rule breaker and loved to root for the underdog. My grandma was telling me telling me to live my life. I really needed that.

I am so glad that I had spoken to Carla. I feel a sense of relief and peace about my life. I am happy and excited about my life. It was an incredible experience. Carla is the best!!!

MM in Alabama


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