I am happy and excited about my life. It was an incredible experience. Carla is the best!


This was my first reading and it gave me such peace of mind. She made me feel comfortable and spoke to me like we knew each other for a long time. Carla has an amazing gift.

The first thing I wanted to know was about my mother. My mother died at the age of 40 almost 20 years ago. She often appeared to really struggle with her life. She clearly was not happy and Carla picked up on her level of depression she had about her life and relationships. Carla validated my privately held belief that she would have ended her own life if she had not died of cancer.

Carla also accurately described the fact that mother had copious amounts of medications in her system and her death may have been assisted in some way. This brought comfort as mom was in a lot of pain and she would time the need for medications down to the minute. It would not surprise me if she was assisted in some way as she clearly wanted to pass on. Mom experienced several comas and Carla helped me understand that it was a way to help her cross over.

(Carla had NO WAY of knowing that my mother was in a comatose state before she died – I told her nothing.)

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