Carla amazes me every time we talk with her accuracy on events to come!


I had a second reading with Carla in July. I had just met a new guy and wanted her input on him. The new guy and I seemed to click right off the bat, but something kept telling me he wasn’t “the one.” Carla proceeded to tell me that he wasn’t “the one” and that she’d seen he was talking to 4 other women. She also said that when I ended things – he would turn into a whole different person and become really mean, and that it would shock me. He would even become obsessed.

She also said I would meet the man I am meant to be with in the spring and a friend of his will introduce us. She also said he would be mourning the loss of a child or wife. In my previous reading with Carla, she had said the very same thing about him ‘mourning’ and described him being stocky. How could she possibly remember everything we had talked about before as far as this mystery man was concerned – no way she could have remembered that!

Also, so many things in our last reading in April had come to pass just like she told me. So as bad as I didn’t want to believe this new guy wasn’t “the one” … I still knew Carla had a lot of insight that I didn’t. I needed to trust what she was telling me.

I almost left the guy alone after talking to her that night, but when I tried to, he drove to my house and begged me to try and see where the relationship would go. At this point we had only been talking for 2 weeks. I found it odd that he was so upset about it, saying that he was hurt and such, and that he cared for me and didn’t want it to end. Even though I told him when we first met that I wasn’t one for jumping into a relationship, and that there was a good chance it wouldn’t work because I had been single for so long.

He still seemed to force the relationship. From July until September – we talked/texted every day and I would see him once a week, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that I needed to leave him alone and move on. He was going through a lot of bad luck, and I felt bad about ending it – so it dragged on.

I knew of 2 other girls he had talked to right before we met. I could tell by their conversations on Facebook that he was someone who ‘forces things to work’ with the first person who comes along, and also noticed he would move to another relationship very quickly. In the back of my mind, I kept wondering why Carla said there were ‘4 women’ until last week he had left his Facebook page up and I began to read through his messages.

Then, I discovered 2 more women he had been talking to making the TOTAL number 4, and these 4 women were just in a matter of a month or two before we met! After seeing that and putting two and two together, it kind of brought me to my senses – I decided to end it for good. That night on the phone he could tell something was wrong by my voice so he said, “If you want to end this, I will understand. I want you to be happy.”

Later I texted him and told him we needed to end things. As soon as I did – he became just like Carla had said he would!! Mean, angry and obsessive. The texts and emails were nonstop, with name calling and mean words. Even though I knew what to expect from talking to Carla, I was still in shock from this side of him I was seeing.

Carla amazes me every time we talk with her accuracy on events to come, and I can’t wait until spring to prove her right again!

Thanks again, Carla…

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