Carla will be my secret spiritual weapon and mentor for the rest of my life!


My name is Rachel and I just had my 4th reading with Carla Baron. The first one was 4 years ago and I contacted her over missing (stolen) jewelry. I can’t believe her accuracy as it was everything I was feeling with great trepidation.

She explained my husband (who is a high profile musician) was stealing diamond rings and other jewelry, first because he was resentful of a past separation we went thru and also because he needed quick money to pay off a loan so he pawned them. She was also able to zero in on the person that helped him.

I’m still in shock that she nailed his personality, fears and basic feelings about himself and about life. Her preciseness was uncanny.

The reading today was spot on the money as I knew it would be…her exactness was mind boggling when she spoke in detail of his now midlife crisis, calling him a “court jester” something I have secretly called him for years!!

I also love her counseling, understanding and advice to play damage control in this relationship … and especially to take care of myself in the meantime until we see how things unfold.

She also spoke of my estranged relationship with my son and why he behaves the way he does… very enlightening and very true!!

I will continue to seek her guidance and exactness in years to come, I always come away with a sense of calm, control, understanding and well-being. I will end by saying life is so much better when you have back up… she will be my secret spiritual weapon and mentor for the rest of my life… thanks Carla for all you do!!


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