Carla said in April I would get a call like a “burst out of the blue” in Sept for a new job.. well, I got the job!


Hi Carla,

I am actually emailing you an update from our reading back in April. I asked you if I would ever be working and you told me that I should check real estate, real estate development, or felt like some type of “holdings” acquisition, as I was searching. I would get a call like a “burst out of the blue” in September. It would be an office close to home, I would be happy there. Well I applied for a job at a company I used to work at. It was a new division of the company.

I applied not thinking I would be getting the job. I was not expecting it because it is in Chicago, and I was not looking forward to doing that commute by train again. So, I applied and I got the job! I was suppose to start September 6th because I was going on vacation to Arizona. I started the 29th of August and worked until the 31st and went on vacation, and now am back. (Ironically the person I interviewed with I knew from a previous job and did not know she was going to be my supervisor.)



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