Robyn Gardner: Can A Psychic See Her Way Through The Mysterious Mists Of The “Aruba Triangle” ?

Anyone familiar with the paranormal knows well of the mysteries
surrounding the Bermuda Triangle.

The ‘Aruba Triangle could mirror the veiled ‘black hole’ that seems to be vanishing beautiful blondes from America right into thin air.
It could also depict the twisted love ‘triangle’ surrounding the latest disappearance in Aruba:  Robyn Gardner, Gary Giordano, Richard Forester.
And here is where our story begins…

A person goes missing.

Not just any person, but an attractive blonde female – one that the media will surely desire to ‘prop up’ and devour within their spotlights, sound bites, and virtual blog fests. It’s how it’s done these days, sadly.

These missing pretty women, typically fair-haired and doe-eyed, become instant starlets before our very eyes on the small screen – right up next to the wayward actresses & actors, meaningless young suicides, hyped-up romantic affairs, & children born out of tawdry sexual trysts to political figures.

How did these unfortunate victims of crimes, heroines in their own right, wind up in this mélange of sex, intrigue, & untimely death?

Set the stage.

Male predators are improv artists – virtually more like masters – after many rehearsals with their select ‘objets de proie’ (objects of prey.)

They’ve had many opportunities to hone their charming romantic seductions. One by one, getting them just right. Each opportunity providing just enough secrets on how to pluck out & manipulate the desired prey’s weaknesses.

Usually these ‘weaknesses’ harbor imagined image flaws. Or they could indicative of some sort of psychological abuse by one or both parents – silently over the formative years – unmasking the intent to destroy her intrinsic nature at any given moment.

“Your chariot awaits, my lady.”  


(That’s really all she needs to hear.)

Prince Charming-esque words filling the air, capturing these unsuspecting women into their proverbial nets of fake power.

These predators pride themselves on their prowess to theatrically win over their victim, usually deploying a bipolar-ish “hot one minute, cold the next” technique.

Works every time for them, so why should they stop?

The thrill of the hunt infuses them with more & more ‘faux’ power to kick up the ante. They savor this ritual even more if they “almost” get caught. It is quite akin to a drug-induced euphoria that even landing their prey won’t provide.
Location, location, location.

Ahhh – a romantic Caribbean isle.

(That will do nicely, he whispers to himself.)
I am not reading a tale from the latest best-selling crime novel.

No, this horror story is REAL.  All too real.

Her name is Robyn Gardner.

The predator companion is Gary Giordano.


You may recall an earlier version of this same scary story featuring the female victim, Natalee Holloway. The male predator – none other than accused killer, Joran van der Sloot, who is currently residing in a Peruvian prison, formally charged with first-degree murder in last year’s killing of a university student (Stephany Flores) whom he met at a Lima casino. They are seeking a 30-year jail sentence.
Enter the Psychic Profiler.
The hit paranormal crime series, “Haunting Evidence,” (truTV) was my introduction to the island of Aruba, regarding the disappearance of a beautiful young, blonde teenage girl named Natalee, wide-eyed with wonder for what her future life may hold.

During our filming on this isle just off the coast of Venezuela, not only was the terrain rougher than expected … but we were not exactly welcomed by the authorities.

In fact, the final night of filming on the beach – 2 of our crew members were sitting in the local jail. The authorities even wanted to search our hotel rooms because they were paranoid about some customs paperwork apparently misplaced, documenting our production trunks shipped via Fedex. (It’s a super long story.)

I would now like to extend my sincerest gratitude to our amazing, loyal hotel staff for protecting all our rooms & all our private things from this invasive attempted room search.

(So great they were!)
We barely had 90 minutes to “get it all,” while officers who lined the beach location where we were filming prompted us with sidearms to move it along.

(In other words. .. Get the hell out!)
As a somewhat seasoned psychic profiler, I took this surprisingly all in stride. It was a stance I had gotten used to adopting in many investigations prior – the necessity of gathering my psychic ‘data’ quickly, efficiently, knowing I could process it later.

After filming that first night, I was walking along the beach behind the hotel strip around 7pm or so, hoping to catch a glimpse of the stunning Aruban sunset to calm my psychic senses …  Suddenly around 7:45pm I had the feeling I was being “watched” as I walked the white paved way there.

I never have had that feeling before Aruba and Natalee Holloway. My sense of being ‘protected’ by my Guardians (Spirit Guides, Angels, whichever name you prefer) kept me ‘safe’ on each crime scene location to which we traveled. So I was wondering why
I was all ‘creeped out.

I thought, “Oh God, I look strikingly similar to Natalee Holloway here walking along the beach with my platinum highlighted locks & sparkling blue eyes. I have to get back to my hotel  –  RIGHT NOW.”

It seemed I was the only blonde female on that walkway, and hadn’t noticed until right then, as I was processing the day’s events filming our interviews, our impressions.

So I picked up the pace – (no, I kind of sprinted) – back to my hotel where the crew was staying.

That gives just a screenshot into what our experience was like in Orangestad. There is much more, but for another blog, another day…


August 2011


This time around, I was contacted directly via my Facebook page by Richard Forester, who posted he was the boyfriend of Robyn Gardner. He asked if could I please contact him. He was formally requesting my psychic assistance on Robyn’s disappearance in Aruba.

(An odd way to officially contact me, but nonetheless, I directed Richard immediately to my email to proceed further.)

It was Friday, August 12th around 7pm PDT. I wrote we could talk by phone for a few minutes to determine whether this would be a case I felt I could take on in an official capacity. Having done psychic readings all day since early that morning, I was only planning to do a short “evaluation” session to see if I could accept.

Two hours and 20 minutes later after an intense psychic peering into the disappearance and whereabouts of Robyn Gardner, I was literally exhausted.

(Usually, I am not.)

I’m refreshed most of the time after being “lifted up” vibrationally-speaking in a psychic read. Even on murder cases, grueling missing persons sessions, some serial killings –

I am strangely ‘catalyzed’ with spiritual energy – to the point of not being able to
dial it down’ to go to sleep for 4-5 hours following.

But with this session, I was feeling the “psychic vampire” syndrome where one’s energy is ‘fed upon’ relentlessly.

(Those who know my psychic/ medium abilities are aware that I seem to become rejuvenated after their psychic reads. Here, this was not the case.)
Can I assign some of this ‘energy drain’ to Richard Forester’s interface with me
when in psychic mode?

Yes, in this instance, I can.
In the first 20 minutes, it was the usual ‘tuning in’ to Robyn’s spirit to try and access her location, if she was still alive on this plane… or no longer here with us.

I had sensed immediately that Robyn was in a confused, disoriented state. That she was unaware of what had happened, or where she was at that moment. This revealed to me that Robyn Gardner was no longer here, but in spirit, and hovering briefly within the astral dimension surrounding Earth.


“Those subverted by criminal abnormalities do undergo separation in the spirit world, and this happens at the time of their orientation with guides. They are not activated along the same travel routes as other souls and will go into seclusion upon reentering the spirit world. These souls don’t appear to mix with other entities in the conventional manner for quite a while.”

 –  The Journey of Souls  (author, Dr. Michael Newton, Ph.D.)




“At the moment of death, our soul rises out of its host body. If the soul is older and has experience from many former lives, it knows immediately it has been set free and is going home. These advanced souls need no one to free them. However, most souls I work with are met by guides just outside Earth’s astral plane. A young soul, or a child who has died, may be a little disorientated until someone comes closer to ground level for hem. There are souls who choose to remain at the scene of their death for a while. Most wish to leave at once. Time has no meaning in the spirit world. Discarnates who choose to comfort someone who is grieving, or have other reasons to stay near the place of their death for a while, experience no sense of time loss. This becomes now time for the soul as opposed to linear time.”

“Those souls who have been associated with evil are taken to special centres which some clients call ‘intensive care units”. Here, I am told, their energy is remodeled to make it whole again. Depending upon the nature of their transgressions, these souls could be rather quickly returned to earth. They might well choose to serve as the victims of other’s evil acts in the next life. Still, if their actions were prolonged and especially cruel over a number of lives, this would denote the pattern of wrongful behavior. Such souls could spend a long while in a solitary spiritual existence, possibly over a thousand Earth years. A guiding principle in the spirit world is that wrong doing, intentional or unintentional, of the part of all the souls will need to be redressed in some form in a future life. This is not considered punishment or even penance as much as an opportunity for karmic growth. There is no hell for souls, except maybe on Earth.”

–  Destiny Of Souls  (author, Dr. Michael Newton, Ph.D.)

After the first part of the session, we kept going. I was in the ‘zone’ and didn’t wish to interrupt that process. Richard was drawing upon my energy at an inconceivable rate. This was due, in part, to his emotional state all throughout the session that Friday night, and the subsequent other sessions.

Richard had been crying non-stop from the moment we began. This made it increasingly difficult to ‘tap in’ to the events surrounding Robyn Gardner’s disappearance, but not impossible. I attempted to calm him down, trying to get him to breathe so that his vibrational rate would not be so erratic and all over the place as it was. But I had clearly accessed a fragile portal within this man’s soul, and he just was not responsive to any sort of balancing of his energy field that Friday evening, or the other days & nights, for that matter.

I had to find a workaround for this if I was to psychically glean any data on Robyn.

I had asked Richard many times if we could please concentrate on the crime details with Robyn’s disappearance, and see what specifically I could get on Gary Giordano’s direct involvement. But Richard avoided this topic like the plague.

All Richard wanted to do was see if I could ‘talk’ to Robyn, and “Where was she now?  Was she right beside him? Would she get into bed with him? Was she riding in the car next to him?”

(You see – Richard Forester elected to drive for a weekend escape to Rehoboth Beach that Saturday & next after that to revisit the place where he and Robyn had just been
July 4th with a friend.)
I gently told Richard that this realm was not like that, and I could not ‘direct’ Robyn to do anything she did not wish to do, or feel comfortable doing. That she was just getting used to her surroundings, and integrating / assimilating the horrific events surrounding her demise.

(Most disembodied souls who experience this type of disorientation to their surroundings immediately upon their death have reticence connecting to anything until they feel ‘safe’ again – especially if their departure was a particularly violent one attributable to a criminal act.)

Honestly, I feel Richard Forester knew very little to nothing about me, my work as a well-known psychic profiler, the show “Haunting Evidence” I had starred in for 3 seasons, or the psychic process we were delving into here. In fact, I don’t believe he even visited my site until AFTER he decided to curtail our sessions, and he figured out how he wanted to proceed with all this.
Richard Forester had the “hot one minute/ cold the next” temperament I have found in other predators’ behavior. Still present, but to a lesser degree. Not in the sinister vein which can turn criminal. This could have been why Robyn Gardner was attracted to him in this relationship… then perhaps having second thoughts as time went on with Richard.

Reminds me of the profound adage…

“Women fall in love by what they hear.
Men fall in love by what they see.”


Of course, this is only a famed intuitive’s observation, but one I feel is valid. Whatever Richard’s reasons for suddenly deciding he didn’t wish to continue,
but maybe later” … (I did not ask.)

All I knew was I had pretty much been subjected to “holding Richard Forester’s hand” throughout our sessions – NOT what a psychic profiler known worldwide would sign on for.

I agreed to accept Robyn’s case  pro bono that Friday night, Aug. 12th, and see the investigation through to the end.

Richard Forester was in FULL agreement on my accepting the case officially.
He even went on to post his gratitude on my Facebook fan page, sent various emails, etc. following hours upon hours of sessions that week.*

*(I have since removed Richard’s posts from my page – saving all of these in a case file folder for security reasons.)

Perhaps Richard didn’t like what I had seen in the readings. He wanted to preserve any last hope of Robyn Gardner still alive and coming home. But he also remarked on my uncanny accuracy throughout the sessions on a few points, such as Robyn’s relationships, her mother and father, etc.

Maybe Richard did not want me peering into his “uncertain” relationship with Robyn Gardner if we continued the psychic sessions, especially in light of some unsavory details that had surfaced in the case regarding Robyn’s lifestyle, Gary Giordano, and his own situation.

Richard Forester’s last email transmissions to me turned cold, controlling, and somewhat dictatorial in tone. I saw a complete 180 with this man who had previously been so delicate, fragile, destroyed by these events.


I promised I would see this case through to the end,” I told him,

“… either with or without you, Richard.

I do not take on cases officially but in extremely rare instances.

I have enough of a psychic connect, though, to continue on my own.

I am asked frequently to provide commentary on high profile case to news & media outlets as they are aware of my television work as a famed psychic profiler.
(“Haunting Evidence,” “Psychic Detectives,” ABC’s “20/20 Primetime,” amongst others.)

Richard Forester launched his press tour in hopes of serving Robyn’s investigation “…better from here in the States.” I understand his need to keep hope alive, I do.

But I am a psychic profiler, and that was what he asked… no, actually, pleaded for me to do, back on Aug. 12th   – to officially accept his case in the search for Robyn Gardner.
And that is exactly what I did – I made a promise.

Not to Richard Forester …  but to Robyn.


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