“I was absolutely amazed with Carla! This wonderful woman just handed me my life back on a silver platter.”


ILLUMINATING READING: The Michael Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy

Then I met a girl online named Amy. She had a negative experience with the same psychic and we became friends and would chat online and spoke on the phone a few times. One day she tells me she is getting a reading by another psychic named Carla Baron, and she would tell me how it went. Turns out it was fantastic. She encouraged me to talk with Carla, so I did.

My life was forever changed once again from that reading. Everything she said was right on target, it was like a breath of fresh air. When I asked if my guide had anything to say to me she said “They want you to know that they are working on getting your anxiety under control”..well, it worked because they led me to Carla. I had yet to bring up the anxiety, and she called it out even before I mentioned it. She told me that the panic was caused by the anticipation of this awful nausea. And that the nausea for the past 3 years as well as the hives I was getting daily for 8 months were the result of having too much metal in my body = aluminum. She told me of a few supplements to get and to wean off the meds. One week later after starting the supplements and I was totally cured of ALL symptoms. I had stopped the meds completely and was absolutely amazed. This wonderful woman just handed me my life back on a silver platter.

I have been anxiety/nausea/hive free for at least 8 years now, all thanks to that first reading. Incidentally 2 weeks BEFORE I had the reading with Carla, I was going to sleep and I had started talking to my guide again at that point, and I asked “Whats wrong with me??? Please help!!!” That night I dreamt that I was vomiting up paper clips, all connected together, I was just pulling the strand out of my mouth for what seemed like forever until I had a HUGE pile on the floor. I remember telling my mom that I had to go to the hospital because I had more paperclips inside me, and she said no they are all here on the floor, and I kept saying “No, there’s more!!”

When I woke up I knew the dream meant something, but I thought it was sort of sign that I was too stuck in the same daily routine and I needed to “break the chain”…well, after talking to Carla I remembered the dream about a week later and I was floored. I got such a literal answer from my guide that I missed it completely. Too much metal in my body, aluminum–Throwing up paperclips, metal, aluminum. Wow. I still occasionally talk to Carla when I feel I need a little extra guidance. She put me back on the path that I had forsaken and my life has never been the same.

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