“Again, Carla was exact with what was happening!”


Dear Readers:

I want to take a moment to share with you an incredible experience I had on Thursday, Oct 6th, 2011. My husband was fumbling around trying to figure out what to get me this year for my birthday; I turn 46 on Halloween – so it was just perfect when he surprised me with a reading from Carla. I knew of Carla because I had watched her on many different shows on TV, helping the police uncover crimes and I knew this was going to be a great experience. I was so happy with this present; I think this is the best one he ever gave me after 20 years of marriage. This is the kind of present that is truly priceless, and you will see after further reading.

I want to address the fact that I did indeed have a reading from Carla about 3 years ago. I was going through a lot at my job at the time, trying to land a HUGE account, up for a promotion and I really needed to know what was going to happen to me. During the reading Carla said, “I will not land that account,” “I will not get the promotion” and I am thinking to myself, wow…this is not good!

She then said she sees a change with my career. I will be doing something like having my own business, but it will be with about 4 people, and she couldn’t say exactly what I would be doing, but she said I would be happy, and organizing things (similar to a wedding planner – but not that.)

At the time I couldn’t imagine any changes happening, and I just knew I would close that big account and get the promotion. My thoughts were “maybe she is seeing something else, maybe interference.” I did not want to believe it wasn’t all going to go the way I wanted it to, according to my plan.

I reflected back on my first reading after my husband told me the surprise and that I would be having another reading from Carla.

In the past 3 years, I did not land the account, I did not get the promotion. However, I did get transferred to a small division within our company doing something exactly as what she described – organizing clients and helping them with their advertising needs from start to finish. This is so important to note, that “BIG” account was actually a huge controversy within my company – and had I landed it, it would have caused waves and it could have been a career killer.

Next, the promotion… anyone who was doing the position I was “supposed” to be promoted to were, indeed, laid off. By being moved to a different smaller division, not only did I get job security, I also have the best boss I have ever worked for and I have never been happier! My division is also only made up of 4 incredible co-workers. I know things happen for a reason, so what could’ve have appeared to be bad news, was in fact the best thing that could’ve happened to me.


Now, 3 years later – the morning of Oct 6th, 2011.

Many things have happened since I last spoke to Carla, but the number one thing I experienced was a major tragedy of losing my little brother to a motorcycle accident. All I truly wanted for my birthday was to connect with him, know he was ok and find out if he suffered when he passed. I was praying a lot before the reading and talking to my brother Stephen, asking him to please come through.

When our call started, I began with wanting to connect to someone on the “other side.” Carla only asked a first name and relation. I have an older brother and two older sisters, but Stephen and I were the closest and we were best friends. His death devastated me and I could barely function since his passing on 3-21-10. To this day, just seeing the date of 3-21 makes me physically ill. Right away Carla said, “Oh he is very protective of you,” which he was (he was 6’4 and made sure I was always protected.) She mentioned he had an incredible personality, very artistic and comes up with the most wild ideas…my heart began to race because that was Stephen! He was so funny beyond anyone I ever knew – his ideas were out of left field and we always laughed so much because he was so creative with his thoughts.

I only shared this connection with Stephen… my older brother and sisters are different – so for Carla to get that specific was unbelievable.

It was time to go deeper and ask about his passing. I did not tell Carla how he passed. She said she felt a huge pain in her chest, something to do with an impact, swelling of the arteries, pressure on chest and expansion of the heart muscle. I actually read through the entire police report and it stated that a car ran a red light, he was hit and flew into a light pole, his chest crushed and he died quickly. I knew she had connected to him, and I was so excited to hear what he had to say to me. My dream was – to connect with Stephen. She told me he was very proud of my life and wished he had one similar. I always lived a good life, married a great guy and have been very successful and happy with my job.


I wanted to know what he was doing and she said that my father was with him. Stephen was ‘repairing his aura’ because he needed to come back to earth to do additional work – that he would be doing something with what seemed to her to be the National Guard – to help not only his children have a better life, but to help the people that will experience something incredible.

What I am about to tell you now will be something hard to take, but Carla was able to see into the future. She told me about a type of plague that will come and be ‘water-born’ in the Southeast region around the year 2025-2030. Stephen will be there to help the population. Carla shared with me that THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE – that she was able to look into the future like that, and she believed that Stephen would be there to help.

After our reading, Carla sent me a Yahoo news story link about a vial of bacteria that was put into the cornerstone of the foundation of a building. That vial was retrieved. This bacteria has been dormant for over 100 years, and was reawakened for further study. This article is dated AFTER our reading.

We continued to discuss his children; he left behind a wife and 3 teenagers. The reading about the kids was exact and too private to reveal here, but with great news of the oldest being extremely successful. I have always loved Stephen’s kids as my own. My husband and I moved them in to live with us when they were little, then again after Stephen passed. They are now back with their mom and doing great.

Lastly, time was running out and I didn’t want the session to end without asking about my marriage and how things looked. I didn’t even get a chance to tell her that I have been married for 20 years or his name, Carla went straight into describing that he was sent here to watch over me, he is Karmic and assigned to help me through my life struggles. She said he was very intuitive with me and we will have some money issues pop up.

She said “he will not be working, and you will be carrying all of the weight of the finances.” He will feel frustrated that he is not productive enough and experience depression. Funny thing is – my husband had just mentioned to me 2 days before the reading that he believes he was brought here to take care of me. I have had a life filled with some great tragedies, health issues and pain. My husband has been my best friend to support me through it all. ALSO – my husband lost his job 3 years ago! Although there is a slight crunch to our finances, we are making it – however he has been quite grouchy and frustrated feeling like he needs to contribute more.

Again, Carla was exact with what was happening.


Now I am at another exciting time where my husband and I are trying to buy a house. This is the third house we have attempted to buy in the last year. Each time we found a house we LOVED it, and then come to find out the next one was better – however this one actually had everything we wanted and so far things are running smoothly. Carla gave me specifics on what I needed to do to get the house, and so far everything is on target!

I was told to move quickly – Carla said I had a very short window of time (2-3 weeks to move on it.) I also needed to make sure I had an independent banking institution funding it. I checked with my husband and we are indeed pre-approved by our independent lender, even though we have VA.

Then this morning my husband goes to the mail (there is no mail today, it’s a holiday, so this was from Saturday)- in the mail was a huge packet of CC&R’s for the new house. These are the homeowners rules and regulations. Now why did we receive that on Saturday? Mmmmmm. I’m so excited and kind of nervous. I cannot wait for the next few weeks to pass to see what unfolds.

I told Carla that I am fascinated by death and where our souls go, what we do when we die and she said there are 2 books she wanted me to get. After I got off the phone, my husband said “Oh I think we have that one.” Low and behold, that book was not only in our library which I have never read or realized we had, it was an unedited copy with no pictures that a friend gave me who worked in the book industry. One of those promo type books without the cover page.

Things have been in synch with my reading with Carla and things happening around me. I actually received an email yesterday regarding that “BIG ACCOUNT” and another division needed the information I had – I was very happy to oblige. But thinking about it, it’s been 3 years and right after my reading with Carla, I get that email about the account! I have the book she told me to order and the bacterial article came out right after the reading! (Coincidence? I think not.)

I don’t know about you, but if this doesn’t tell you of the gift of Carla, I don’t know what will. I am looking forward to my next reading and I will definitely send a note regarding the new house and if indeed we get it!

Carla – words cannot express my gratitude for clearing up my doubts about my brother’s loss, for giving me a reason to keep going in life, and most of all for the guidance that I know you work so hard to be able to share with all of us.

Many blessings to anyone reading this, open your heart and your mind and love one another. I truly believe in Karmic energy.

– Linda


UPDATE: (Tuesday, October 11, 2011 6:05 PM PDT)


I wanted to share with you a little tidbit of what has happened, I will do a full update as soon as everything pans out. Today I went to the seller’s realtor site to see if there were any updates to the status of the house and she had a note saying “Impac (investor) asked 10.10 for all docs to go direct. Sent 10.10 to Impac. 10.11 Impac says negotiator assigned within 72 hours” – Impac is an independent financial investor lending company that just took our loan from BOA and now they have it.”….

We sent a note to our realtor telling her about the negotiator will be assigned within 72 hours and she was blown away!! She said she had NEVER in her 17-year career seen a short sale move through the system so fast. This process usually takes months and it has happened in a week!

So we should know if Impac accepts our offer within 72 hours..this is so amazing how you were ON IT again!!! (Talking about independent lender..just wanted to share.)

I’ll keep you posted!


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