Prediction was eerily accurate on her grandmother’s ‘crossing’ and cause of death ~ Halloween ~


“I had predicted in Heather’s reading @ 11am PT this morning that she would have to change her flight on 11-7-11 as I felt her grandmother would ‘cross over’ earlier like Halloween, or before. She got the call about her grandmother’s condition just 10 minutes after our reading.

She passed away at 1:30pm PT/ 4:30pm ET that afternoon when they took her off the ventilator.

I also said it was some sort of ‘infection.’ Heather found out later that afternoon it was pneumonia.

Pneumonia is an infection of one or both lungs.

Neither of us knew that information prior to Tuesday afternoon’s developments. I just saw what I saw in the read. She was very close to her grandmother.

I emailed Heather right after to ask…

“You think that’s maybe why we read at the precise time we did? Did she at least get the message about leaving her body first?”

(I had sensed that she would be less fearful of the physical aspects of death if she could visualize ‘leaving the body’ prior to her last moments.)

Heather replied, “I think so. And while I was packing, around the time she died, I was trying to find a ‘funeral’ dress to wear. Her voice came into my head telling me to pick a prettier one each time I pulled a plain black one out of the closet. It would be like her to say that, as she had a dark sense of humor. I found it odd but kept packing.”

~ Psychic Carla Baron


Tuesday, October 25, 2011 1:36 PM PT

“Thanks again, Carla.

Not 10 minutes after you called [for my reading] , my aunt phoned to tell me there was nothing that could be done for Grandmama.

I changed my flight–leaving on a red-eye tonight. Canceled the writer’s conference. And I did ask if she went easy, and she said she did.

Regarding the [High Priestess] ordination – I forgot to tell you that this was actually connected to the reading you did for me last year.

You told me you saw me doing ‘counseling’ as a job – grief, young and old, in connection with my intuitive medium abilities and tarot stuff.

I couldn’t for the life of me figure it out… but the ordination into the Fellowship of Isis and Temple of Isis now legally allows me to accept money for counseling services, performing marriages, and funerals. 🙂 That was the last bit of your reading from last year that has come full circle. I never needed a piece of paper to help me do any of those things, but it does make it legal.

Btw, husband ‘denied’ the woman giving him money, but he is definitely listening on getting himself checked out for the liver/kidney cancer thing. Will update you later.”


UPDATE from Heather:

Wednesday, October 26, 2011 2:47 PM PT

“Just found out the *viewing* is on halloween. 🙂 you were right!”


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